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Vlog-- Jenna Interviews Her Mom

I got a new iPhone several weeks ago. My old one was dropping calls like crazy, so I went to AT&T and got the new iPhone 4S with Siri.

Siri’s fun, but my kids LOVE Siri! They are forever changing my name. I have no idea what Siri will call me when I talk to her. They’ve discovered they can tell Siri to play a particular song on my iTunes or a band. They can ask Siri what the weather is going to be so they can be prepared for school attire.

Tonight I was watching the little kids take a bath in my bathroom and while I worked on critiques of Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons. My my nine year old daughter, Jenna, started playing with my phone. The little kids had gotten out of the bathtub and had gone to their room to get their pajamas on. Then Jenna started “interviewing” me.

Ignore the fact I’m wearing no makeup. AND that my son enters off camera half-way through and Jenna refers to the “naked body” (He wasn’t naked, for the record.) And ignore the shaky camera moves in a few places. What you see is Jenna having fun and she was very pleased with her “interview” so I told her I’d post it. I suspect I will regret it later. ;)

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Paola Bell

Hilarious! She might have something going as a journalist :-)