Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Twenty-seven | Author Denise Grover Swank Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Twenty-seven | Author Denise Grover Swank
Denise Grover Swank

Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Twenty-seven

To see the official rules for Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner, go here.

Austin Kent is our guest today.

“Austin seemed self-assured yet not arrogant.  A man who knew what he wanted in life and how he planned to get it.  There was no doubt that he was handsome; his chest filled out his shirt nicely and his tan set off his hazel eyes and dark brown hair.  And I had to admit, if Joe wasn’t in my life, I’d have been interested in him.”  Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons by Denise Grover Swank

Me too! I want a blind date with Austin Kent! He’s so much better than the disastrous Steve date. Denise asked last week which of her characters we would want to be stranded on a deserted island with.  I wholeheartedly chose this man.  Maybe it’s because of the above picture.  I would hope to not be saved off said deserted island for quite some time as well.

The gift that we chose to represent Mr. Kent might be a partial reason why I like him so much.

If you can tell us why we chose this Pedrini corkscrew and these very pretty beaded wine glass charms to go along with Austin Kent, you can be entered in the drawing to win them.  Unfortunately we cannot also include Austin Kent.

What does this gift have to do with Austin Kent?

Here is how this will work.  You will answer the question.  Your answer will not appear in the comments section.  In fact for two weeks there will be no comments.  We will be keeping them all private so you can’t see other poster’s answers. In order to be entered into this giveaway you must 1. Post an answer and 2. Post the correct answer.
You will have two weeks from today(midnight on July 25th) to comment.  At that time we will post the correct answer and the winner.  Good Luck!

Jeanine- You are the lucky winner of this wine set.  I have already emailed you.


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11 years ago

He is a wine man, knows the whole tasting, swirling, smelling thing that goes on with a good wine.
And, the picture is sexy 🙂

Emilia Anaruma
Emilia Anaruma
11 years ago

The connection is from the night that Violet tried to set-up Rose with Austin at her house over a barbeque. Austin brought a bottle of red wine for the evening giving Rose her first taste of red wine. He even explained about the wine’s vintage.

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