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Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Three

To see the official rules for Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner, go here


It’s Denise again! (And here I told you all that Heather was in charge of the giveaway!) I hope you’re having fun and I think you’re going to LOVE today’s giveaway item!

Your very own Crappy Doodles t-shirt!!!

(My beautiful daughter Julia is modeling)

Some days are just crappy doodle days, so what better way to tell the world than wear it on your shirt?

I have one of these and I love this shirt, and not just because it says Crappy Doodles!  It’s a really soft, stretchy cotton and although it’s fitted, it doesn’t cling. This particular shirt is Bedazzled. You can choose to NOT have your t-shirt Bedazzeled. (Bedazzling courtesy of Julia.)  I have a few sizes at my house BUT I can order a different size.  If you win, I’ll give you a sizing chart to see what works for you.

And if you don’t win, don’t be sad. I might be giving another one or two of these away, OR you can buy your own on Zazzle.

SO…how can you win?

Have you ever said the words Crappy Doodles? Be honest now! (No deductions if you haven’t!) I’ve had several readers tell me they said for awhile after reading Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes. You have until Tuesday midnight CDT, June 19 to answer. Winner will be picked by

Have you ever said Crappy Doodles?


The winner of the Day 3 giveaway is Emilia A!  We will be contacting you by email to get your address. Congratulations.  We hope your son approves of your new shirt.

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angie odonnell

Nope but I might yet lol


Yes. I started using it when you started posting that phrase on twitter :) Normally only use it around kids when I’m trying not to use other words.

Elizabeth Tuttle

Oh Yes! Lol

Tracy Bailey Reynolds
Tracy Bailey Reynolds

I say it all the time……lol….Going through a break up after 10yrs together, I’m saying a lot more than Crappy Doodle right now though! My cats name is doodle and whenever I say it she looks at me like, “Huh?”

Becky Podjenski

Haven’t said it out loud … thought it several times … now that I know others say it (scream it) I may start … :)

Amber Calkins

With two kids at very impressionable ages I believe I have said crappy doodles.

Carie Lewis
Carie Lewis

Yes, I have!! I find myself picking up all kinds of great quotes from books I l love and “Crappy Doodles” is right up there with my use of “Butterflying” from Colleen Hoover’s books!

G. Aliceson

Your Comments I even said it prior to reading your book. Great minds thing alike and all!

Rhonda Cowsert

Totally. Crappy Doodles is the new “Holy Crap!” :)


Maybe just a few times! You have to say it out loud at least once just to see how it sounds! Lol

Paola Bell

Never said it before. (I’ve a bit of a potty mouth sometimes.) o.O


nope-but it has a nice ring to it . . .

heather bristol

I’m not certain but I do believe I have said it a time or two.

Deven Avila

At least once or twice ;) usually at my computer screen.

Emilia A.

No, but I will give it a test run and see if it is approved by the Bad Word Police (my 4 yr old son) LOL

Heather Buckner
Heather Buckner

Day three is now closed. Emilia A. was the winner of a new Crappydoodles t-shirt.

heather bristol

I’m pretty sure I have said it a few times

Michelle Grey

I find myself thinking it, but I don’t think I’ve said it out loud.


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