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Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Thirteen

To see the official rules for Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner, go here.

Here we are at day 13!  You guys have no idea yet how this giveaway is getting ready to turn into something very fun and very exciting.  Not that the previous giveaways haven’t been great, but the ones we are truly excited about are yet to come.  Today is a repeat giveaway and it’s a good one.  So without further ado…….I give you another


Contents include: The bag(a gorgeous tote with the cover of Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes on it), sunblock, a beach towel, and a cup to sip on your favorite beachy drink.  All of these have a pink theme to compliment the best part of the beach bag…..

A signed copy of Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes!


A signed ARC copy of Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons

I have so many wonderful beach memories.  It is truly hard to decide which ones are my favorites, but for me probably the times that my children saw the ocean for the first time were my favorites.  Today I ask you to share with us your favorite beach memory/trip or a small description of your first ocean experience.

What is your favorite beach memory?

You will have until Thursday the 28th at midnight to respond and to be entered into the drawing to win.  Good luck.

Jeanine is the winner of our Day Thirteen giveaway.  Two days in a row!  WOW!  Keep playing because you can win more than once.  Congratulations to you Jeanine! We will be contacting you via email(just like yesterday ;))

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Sivje Parish
9 years ago

My favorite beach memory was in October, 2005. We had been home from China for 5 weeks and we visited Venice Beach in southern. CA. It was the first time Ahnalin had felt sand in her toes. Her big sister, India, held her hand and they walked to the waters edge and got their toes wet in the surf. Ahnalin was afraid but India held her tight while the water nibbled away at their toes. So sweet!

Cynthia L Moyer
9 years ago

When we were first home from China, it only took Emily Rose a month before she could walk (at 18 months old), and she LOVED going to the beach and running through the little waves. We held onto her so we wouldn’t have Wet Baby, but she would scream and scream when it was time to go! LOL

9 years ago

My favorite beach memory is one of my really good friends getting married on the beach in Santa Barbara. It was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony, perfect weather for a beach wedding. Our hotel was 2 blocks from the pier and we were able to walk over there, dip our feet in the water when we weren’t celebrating and enjoy wine tastings and beautiful sunsets.

9 years ago

My favorite beach memory is from my childhood. My family and some friends went to Biloxi, Mississippi. We had so much fun playing in the Gulf and it felt like you could walk out for miles and miles. That was the first time I ever heard of “undertoes”. After that we didn’t venture out too far. :)

angie odonnell
9 years ago

I have seen oceans and beaches all over the states and even in Australia but my most memorial ocean sight isn’t even of a beach……. its flying into New Zealand over the ocean with sheep grazing on beautiful green hills and the aquamarine ocean behind. It was georgous

9 years ago

My favorite beach moment was taking my son to the beach the first time. It was May in North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and he was just over a year old. I sat him down so that the waves would just come in and touch his feet, but I miscalculated and a ‘rogue’ wave made me look bad when it came in and swept over him. He was very mad and I couldn’t stop laughing :)

Jennifer W.
9 years ago

My favorite beach/ocean moment was going snorkeling for the first time. It was amazing to experience all the colorful vibrant sea life yet also still be in such a peaceful environment. So now when I look at pictures from that trip (thank goodness for disposable underwater cameras! :)) it reminds me that we’re just a small part of a big picture.

9 years ago

I’m not sure if this is a favorite, but it’s the memory that comes to mind when someone says beach. In 2006 my daughter was 3 and son 6. We were camping in the dunes and had went to the closest store for oil for the bikes. My husband and I went into the store leaving our 3 and 6 year old in the truck with my 18 year old cousin. The truck was running. I was standing near the front of the store, which was a pexiglass window, when my kids drove the truck through the store. Luckily no… Read more »

Becky Podjenski
9 years ago

My favorite childhood beach memories are from Johnon’s Lake in Western Nebraska … my grandparents lived on the lake and they owened the Marina there… We loved to go visit, play on the beach, “work” with them behind the counter (and I say “work” because we were little and really we did more eating candy than helping … in fact, we were probably more under foot than anything else). My favorite beach memory with my husband and children are beaches in California (Baker Beach in San Francisco and the beaches at Carmel … My favorite beach memory with just my… Read more »

Paola Bell
9 years ago

My funniest beach memory was when we took my son to the beach for the first time. He pulled is pants down and peed right in the middle of a ring that was on the ground. That was certainly memorable!

9 years ago

My only beach memory is when I went with my husband on a business trip. I stayed in the hotel and read. When he came back from his work, we walked along the beach for a little bit. Then I went back to the air conditioning and read some more.

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