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Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Four

To see the official rules for Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner, go here.

It’s Denise again! It’s my last day and then Heather’s taking control again!

Since we hit a Crappy Doodle theme yesterday, what do you say we keep it going?

How about a Crappy Doodles! mug???

(**Laptop not included)

The other side, not shown, has the title Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes. I’ll even throw in some tea bags even though I have coffee in the mug in this picture.  And yes, that’s my OWN mug, but I promise to give you your very own unused one.
So what’s the question today? It’s no secret that I’m a coffee lover.  If you win this mug, will you be most likely to drink coffee or hot tea out of it? Or maybe hot cocoa?  You have until Wednesday midnight, CDT, June 20 to leave a comment to enter. Winner will be picked with

What will you drink from this mug if you win?


The winner of our Day Three Giveaway is….Stormy!!  We will be contacting you by email so we can ship your crappy doodles mug.  Congratulations!

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7 years ago

I would drink hot chai tea.

angie odonnell
7 years ago

I can’t function with out my coffee !

7 years ago


Bill Cameron
7 years ago

Coffee. I don’t like tea. :)

Anne Alexander
7 years ago

Your Comments
It would have to be COFFEE…it’s about the only beverage I can drink

Patty Blount
7 years ago

Am I disqualified if I don ‘t drink coffee or tea? I’d use it for hot chocolate !

heather bristol
7 years ago

I would be drinking either hot tea or hot cocoa or just anything.

7 years ago

I drink all of the above however my favorite is COFFEE. My kids don’t have tea parties, we have coffee parties!

Carie Lewis
7 years ago

Both! Coffee in the morning and tea in the evening!

7 years ago

Hot Tea

Sheila Taylor
7 years ago

Hot Tea & Coffee

7 years ago

Coffee! My tea goes in a 32oz cup with lots of ice. :)

Becky Podjenski
7 years ago

I would drink mostly coffee but I also drink hot tea … I also make hot tea and then pour it over ice for fresh brewed iced tea … so it would be a multi purpose cup!

7 years ago

Funny, today while washing dishes I broke my favorite coffee mug. I’ve had it for years. Needless to say, I’m pretty bummed. Silly, huh?

I need a new coffee mug. :)

7 years ago

Coffee all day long!

Paola Bell
7 years ago

Definitely coffee ;-)

Elizabeth Tuttle
7 years ago

Black Silk Coffee with Chocolate Rasperry Creamer mmmmmmm I want some right now!

7 years ago

Chocolate raspberry coffee!

Annette Guerriero
7 years ago

Coffee, tea, POG, water, OJ, wine, (so I wouldn’t have to get up so ofter to fill my glass), just about anything, because that’s how I roll. I may even bring it out with me when I eat out and ask that my cocktail be served in it. :)

Emilia A.
7 years ago

Irish Coffee!

Wendy Webb
7 years ago

different stuff, but fave hot drink is hot chocolate with hazelnut!

Sivje Parish
7 years ago

Coffee! Peet’s French Roast to be exact!

heather bristol
7 years ago

I would drug.k pretty much anything out of it..we use mugs for anything not just hot drinks

Emilia A.
7 years ago


7 years ago

I don’t drink coffee or tea so it would have to be lemonade! LoL :)

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