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Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Fifteen

To see the official rules for Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner, go here.

I would like to take just a minute to congratulate Denise on the release of her book, Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons! We’ve been anticipating this day for awhile now and it is SO exciting to finally have the day here.  Today is the 29th and it is also the beginning of the second part of our Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner Giveaway.  Are you ready?

Today’s giveaway is a very special one.  How many of you are involved in a book club of some sort?  If  you’re not, that’s okay too!  Now would be the time to tell your  friends to come here and enter to win.  We are giving away TEN signed copies of Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons print books.  Our idea was that you would share the books with your friends and plan for the book to be the book your club reads and discusses.  On top of the ten signed books, you get…..ARE YOU READY?

DENISE!  via Skype at your book club!

I’m excited about it and I’m sitting across from her right now.  She is funny and charming and you will absolutely love interacting with her during your book club. (and she’s only paying me $20 to say that).

If you win the book club giveaway, what question would you most like to ask Denise?

Comments will be closed on Friday, July 13 at midnight.  Good luck!

(This originally was posted ending June 30. Sorry for any confusion.)

BRANDY KING is the winner of the book club set! We will be contacting you by email to get your mailing address and to set up a time for your Skype book club.  Congratulations!

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11 Comments on "Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Fifteen"

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Brandy king

Where the inspiration for rise came from, what your favorite book you’ve written is, where did you come up with crappy doodles…


What got you started in writing? Was it from childhood? And how do you write books in multiple series at the same time?

stormy udell

What finally gave you the courage self publish? Steps or advice to others out there? what are your favorite reads ir authors? your writting style-do you outline, plot, or just dive into the writting and how do you keep them all straight?

Carie Lewis

Have any of your characters been structured after a friend or family member?

robin powell

I have been so waiting for this book!!! Loved, Loved ,Loved Twenty Eight and and a Half Wishes!!!

Anne Alexander

I would like to know, where do you come up with such amazing characters in your books. You inspired your writing. Plus there are a million things I could ask..LOL

Heather McCorkle

How many novels do you have planned in Rose’s series? Will Rose ever learn to control her visions? Sorry, that’s two!

becky podjenski

I would have to let my book club friends ask lots of questions because I had many of mine answered in the interview that Marybeth had with you! I would do my best to keep quiet and let others have their turn. :)

Jennifer W.

If they turned the book(s) into a movie who would you want to play each character? :)


How many Rose Gardner books do you have planned? And how do you switch gears to right the different genres? I think I’ve actually asked this second one during a Q & A but can’t remember! :-/

Heather Bristol

What made you start with 28 wishes instead of another number?