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Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Eleven

To see the official rules for Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner, go here

We are getting closer and closer to the 29th!  It’s an exciting week as we are counting down to Friday and the big book release and also a shift in our giveaway.  Today is the final Crappydoodles t-shirt giveaway.  I know every one of you would love to wear this.  Just think how many people would want to know what Crappydoodles is.  As with the other t-shirt giveaway days, you have to option of having your new t-shirt bedazzled and rhinestoned(I actually think I just made that word up).  OK  so where would you want to wear your new Crappydoodles shirt if you won it?  Comments will be closed at midnight, Tuesday the 26th!

Where would you want to wear your new Crappydoodles shirt if you won it?

Carie Lewis is the winner of our day 11 giveaway.  Congratulations, Carie!  We will be contacting you by email to get your mailing address.

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9 years ago

I’d wear mine any day but it would be especially fun when we are camping. :)

Heather Bristol
9 years ago

I would wear it anywhere.

Becky Podjenski
9 years ago

I would wear it out and about … but especially to book club! All of the ladies would be envious AND they would all know exactly what Crappydoodles meant!

Carie Lewis
9 years ago

To my work…I work at a law office! Imagine how many times during the day the word Crappydoodles comes out of my mouth! LOL!

Lindy Dierks
9 years ago

To the grocery store. Keep people wondering.

9 years ago

Your Comments

9 years ago

I’d wear it anywhere on the weekends.

Elizabeth Tuttle
9 years ago

Shopping… it would be fun to see if anyone. Knows what its from

Jennifer W.
9 years ago

The dog park! :)

Kim Shaw
9 years ago

everywhere except when I do trail work for the ATV Club

angie odonnell
9 years ago

my family reunion ………….. family deserves the best !!!!!!!

9 years ago

Oh just about anywhere but especially to a river party! Go conversation piece! Lol

Paola Bell
9 years ago

I would wear mine hanging out with my friend while we are putting puzzles together (don’t judge me!). :-)

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