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Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes Blog Stop #4

Today’s blog stop is actually at TWO places. The first is at the blog of ┬áthe lovely Carolina Valdez Miller. She’s hosting a vlog my children made to protest the one I made last week. They claim I’m a diva. So I wear a tiara. That doesn’t mean anything. *shrugs*

The second stop is at Anne Riley’s blog. She’s hosting weekly giveaways and she’s giving away a copy of Twenty-Eight and a Hal Wishes along with an ARC of ULTRAVIOLET by R.J. Anderson. She’ll announce the winner at the end of the week and I’ll be sure to remind you to check!

Oh, and the contest to win a book from Critique Sister’s Corner is still going on, too. Lot’s of chances to win!


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Heather McCorkle
10 years ago

Great interviews, loved them both! And of course I loved the CSC one. But I’m a bit biased there. :-)

10 years ago

Okay! I am trying to make my way around. This is fun!

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