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Thirty-One and a Half Regrets Official Release Day!


Thirty-One and a Half Regrets

While Rose recovers from a broken heart, she finds herself at odds with her sister—and business partner—Violet. Rose buries herself in her landscaping work, but becomes worried when her employee and friend, Bruce Wayne Decker, goes missing.

In the meantime, Fenton County assistant D.A., Mason Deveraux has been patiently waiting to begin a relationship with Rose, but she realizes she needs to confront the demons of her past before she can embrace a new future. She needs to find out the truth about her birth mother.

But her past isn’t her only demon. An undercurrent of tension has been spreading through Henryetta, Arkansas since drug lord, Daniel Crocker’s arrest six months ago. Still, she’s not prepared for a nightmare come true: Crocker’s escape from prison. Crocker carries a grudge and he’s determined to make Rose pay, but he plays a game of cat and mouse, forcing Mason and the Fenton County Sheriff’s department to hide Rose on her birth mother’s farm. But will it be enough to save her?

Thirty-Two and a Half Complications– June 26, 2014

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pam ebeler

I love this book, love this series, love the author……I can’t wait to read this again!!

Loved the book! It felt great to see Rose confront Violet. I was a little peeved that she thought so badly of Joe. Everything he did was to protect her, but she seemed so quick to judge. Although, I understand why. She is hurt by his “relationship” with Hilary. I feel, with him gone, she was able to protect her heart by growing bitter. But, by how the book ended, it looks like she will have to confront her feelings completely. I am team Joe. Although, Mason really proved that he cares for Rose. This book was a lot more… Read more »

Love these books! I agree with Shirley about enjoying the love scenes. I’m hoping she ends up with Mason. Wish we didn’t have to wait so long!!!!!!


It will be torture to wait until June for the next book! I can’t wait for reading about Rose and her life challenges. Love this series!

This is the best series I have read in a long time. Good page turning plots and great characters that make me feel as if I am personally involved in their lives. I was so happy to see that Joe is not completely out of the picture yet. I loved him as the sexy, romantic hero in the first book, and was so sad to see him gradually revealed as weak, needy and secretive. Even if he doesn’t win Rose back (and part of me hopes he does) I hope he escapes all the negative forces in his life, finds… Read more »
Bethany Rose
Stumbled across these books by accident last week and proceeded to read them all in about 3 days! Love the series and was glad, as others said, for more romantic detail in the farmhouse rather than the “fade to black” as written in the others. I feel like Joe is slowly being revealed as a foil of Rose – being manipulated by his family and by Hilary as Rose was by her mother and Violet. I hope Rose helps him and is as patient with him as he has been with her. And I hope that the spoiler vision Rose… Read more »
I love the series but I am struggling with the Joe Mason Rose triangle. Thanks for letting Rose give Joe a piece of her mind during the campaign stop over and prior to the take down. I so want Rose to be the one to take down Hilary and for Joe to finally come to his senses and stay away from her. Do not redeem Hilary. She needs to stay bad! I almost did not read the latest book, I was so heart broken by Joe’s lack of backbone. I really want him to grow as much as Rose has.I… Read more »
Emma Annis

I am in love with this series, I love the imagination and thought process that goes into it ‘Well Done Denise!’ I have a slight inclining that Rose is Pregnant though and i’m super glad that Joe is fighting for her, but feel kind of bad for Mason…However I cant wait to see how it unravels in June (Hurry up)!!! :) xx


Thank you for sharing, Denise! I get lost in your books, they are so wonderful! You have such great talent. I do think that you should make movies out of these books! It would be great to see the characters come to life!


Loved all of these books – stumbled upon 28 & 1/2 Wishes on Amazon and then proceeded to gut the rest and read them til the wee hours:)

I am Team Joe too – he kind of fits with Rose’s collection of broken and entirely human circle of friends and family…

Can’t wait to read the next one – and yes I have pre-ordered it!


This is going to sound so cheesy but I completely love these books – I’ve just started on Thirty and a half Excuses and from reading the other comments I understand Joe and Rose aren’t together anymore and I feel a bit heart broken about that! I really want Rose and Joe to be together – I completely love him and their relationship is so magical it would be devastating that if in the end they didn’t get back together. I am completely team Joe!!!!