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The Next Book in On the Otherside Series

Last spring I announced that I was cutting the On the Otherside series down from three books to two. I had planned for a good portion of THERE to take place in the underground city and the third book to spend more time with the rebels. Sales of HERE were not as strong as my other books, and I realized the story could be told in two books without losing too much.

Let there be a lesson here. You never know what will happen to a book. Just because a book isn’t selling well now doesn’t mean it won’t sell well next month or next year.

Obviously, I didn’t expect HERE to sell so well on Barnes & Noble at the end of November and first half of December of this year. On the first anniversary of HERE’s release, it had sold 15,000 copies, my lowest sales for a first book in a series. The subsequent books in a series always sell less. Still, I’m not sorry with my decision.  I’m proud of THERE and how the story unfolded. I think the story is much tighter and more suspenseful combining two books into one.

But a funny thing happened while I was writing THERE.  I fell in love with Jo.

Halfway through writing THERE, I knew that couldn’t be the end of the series, even though I’d said that it was. I was torn by this. I didn’t want readers to be upset that I was putting out another book, but I decided that Julia’s story was done. The third book will be a completely different story, and it will be about Jo and (an unnamed boy) after THERE ends.

I have no idea when the third book will be written or published. I already have a full writing schedule for the next year, so it will take some maneuvering to make this happen.  Just be assured that I’m as eager to write this book as readers who have been emailing and messaging are eager to read it.



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Stifyn Emrys
It makes sense that subsequent books in a series sell less well than the initial installment. There will always be some who don’t like the first book well enough to buy a second, but there are very few who will jump in on the second or third without buying the first. Still, if a series is popular enough, it’s worth it. Your books are selling so well that a second installment in a series will be far more well read than an initial book by a lesser-known or less-talented author. If you create characters who are compelling enough, readers will… Read more »
Jenny Nagel

I loved Here and There. I read them back to back and it was great. Loved the ending and loved Jo too. Your characters are so well developed, it is so easy to love them all.

Paola Bell

This may sound aweful, but I am glad that book 2 didn’t drag out just to stretch the story into 3 books. There is an engaging page turner. When a book keeps you from sleep, something right is being done! I will enjoy reading more about Jo. While this new book will run with the others in the series, it will be fresh. I personally am excited about it. I love that you love the characters so much that you want their story to be told…whatever that may be. Definitely looking forward to it!

Roberta Stephens

I loved both books. I am so looking forward to Jo in the new book . Any ideas what to call it?
Also glad There was in one book. It was a real page turner and kept me up all night reading as well. Just couldn’t put it down as I had to know if Julia ever got home. Of course I do that with all of your books though, LOl.

Kay Bratt

Great news! And I know a title.


Okay, I was kidding, but I think it could still work!


Everywhere is exactly what kept popping in my head too, lol.

Christy C

See, I was thinking the opposite… Nowhere.

Christy C

I am so glad to hear that there will be a third book. I was yelling out NO! at the ending of There because it just felt left too open for me where Jo and Reece were concerned. I NEED to know what happens to them. I loved Jo too and will be eager to see what happens with her. And hopefully Reece???


Its so cool there is go a be a new book . I yelled with joy when I found out and did my happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Nancy Lee

I found this post while looking for the third book in this series. I’m so pleased to know that you will continue after all. My daughter, Molly, has dyslexia. She has always wanted to be in the world of readers. But no book could ever hold her interest. Here gave her goosebumps. She became obsessed. I bought it on the nook a couple years ago. But she just wasn’t ready yet. She decided to check it out, finally. She was hooked! She is starting There. I hope that she will find other titles by you just as captivating. Thank you!