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The Holiday Blog Hop

Carly Fall was sweet enough to ask me to participate in her Holiday Blog Hop.

In reality, I think Carly realized I needed to get into the Christmas spirit. I’ve been so busy releasing four books in the last six months and writing and now editing Sacrifice, the third book in The Chosen series, that  I’m seriously behind this year.  There are no Christmas decorations, no Christmas trees, no Elf on a Shelf, and no presents in my house. We are totally unChristmasy. Is that a word? It is now.

Man, oh man, I really need to remember to put on my wrinkle cream.

What? I’ve only got 16 days left to Christmas shop??? Oh, crap.

Um… I’m starting to look a lot like Ebenzer Scrooge.

Okay, so my kids might not get presents this year*,  but that doesn’t mean I can’t give something to YOU.

*Not to worry. They’ll  get presents. Probably.

*looks around my office* What should I give away?

Hmm… How about an eBook of the book of your choice? You can choose from:

A humorous southern mystery, the first book in the Rose Gardner Mystery series
The first book of The Chosen series, an urban fantasy that is currently around #2 or #3 in contemporary fantasy on Amazon
The second book of The Chosen series, currently #1 in Hot New Releases in Romantic Suspense on Amazon
A young adult science fiction romance, the first book in the On the Otherside series

So what do you have to do to win one of these books? Just comment below. Tell me if you’re ready for Christmas. I need to know I’m not the only slacker.

** Contest ends December 11th at midnight PST.

After you’ve commented, click on the banner above and get back over to Carly’s blog and visit someone else!


True Random Number Generator picked SEVEN!
Number seven is Jennifer! Congrats Jennifer!

**My Favorite Things giveaway is still going on until December 18! Write a review on any or all of my books and let me know. One posted review equals one entry to win a KINDLE FIRE!!! I’m also giving away a $20 Barnes & Noble gift certificate, a $20 gift certifict to Starbucks, a set of autographed copies of my books, and a set of eBooks of all of my books. You can post the review in a whole bunch of places. Each place equals an entry!**

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15 Comments on "The Holiday Blog Hop"

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Not ready at all. And I’m running out of preschool days in which to shop without the children. The halls are only about 30% decked and I’ve done no baking. You know what would help? An awesome book to read. Because I need more things on my “how to procrastinate” list.

Eisley Jacobs

Completely ready for Christmas! Well, as ready as I can be anyway ;)

Drea Becraft

Oh I am completely done and wrapped and ready to go. That includes our extended family and 20 gift baskets for the daughters preschool class. I find it easier to get it all done early and stay at home when the madness of last minute shoppers hits.



We don’t give presents till Epiphany so I have some extra time for presents =) Other than that I’m ready. This will be the first Christmas in 16 years I think that my sister will be able to come home for Christmas so I can’t wait! =)

tammy ramey

no we aren’t ready. the tree is up but no decorated, i have the ingrediants for my baking but nothing is baked, and i have the cards but they aren’t filled out and i don’t have any stamps. so no i’m not ready. Know any elves? LOL!
Well i hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday.


Golly heck no. I’m never ready for Christmas. I still have shopping to do, cookies to bake, presents to wrap since I don’t have any yet. At least the tree is decorated.


I’ve got my kids their gifts. That’s about it. Still need to work on everything else…


I have 97% of my gift shopping done and I even have some wrapped! But the other 3% will be last minute, with me running around like crazy with stress…

books4me67 at ymail dot com

julie barrett

happy holidays, thanks for having this contest. All done here, hope to mail the kids and grandkids boxes out tomorrow.



Totally NOT ready, Denise, although we did finally get our tree up! Whew! ;P We haven’t addressed cards yet, or made treats, or shopped or wrapped… No worries–those aren’t the important part of this holiday! :)


I’m going to my cousin’s house this year for Christmas dinner and I’m only in charge of bring one dessert and i already have the ingredients. My house is decorated but i still haven’t gotten all my families gifts as yet. Happy Holidays! rshereifa at yahoo dot com

Andrea I

I’m not ready at all. Christmas tree is not up, no decorations or presents bought.


Eva P.

You’re not a slacker at all, I just put up my tree today! It’s pre-lit, which didn’t take long at at all, has only 3 parts to it…but I usually do have my 10-yr old niece help me with the decorations, however, this was her weekend to be with her mom so I won’t see her until later this week…so the tree will be just a lit tree with no ornaments for a few more days ;)