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The Curse Keepers and 47North

I am THRILLED to share my big news!!

  (Sorry this is teeny tiny! Click on it to enlarge the picture.)

I’ll start writing THE CURSE KEEPERS in December. This book has been rolling around in my head since last May after Trisha Leigh and I went on a research trip to Roanoke Island.  I’ve already written the first chapter and it’s been hard to leave it alone so I can finish revising and editing THERE. Ellie, the main character, is going to to be so much fun to write. The series will be a have a dark tone like THE CHOSEN series, but will have some of the humor in my Rose Gardner Mysteries.  I think it will be a perfect mix and I can’t wait to write it!


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Nancy Naigle
9 years ago

Congratulations on your new book deal!!

9 years ago

Sound intriguing… Cant wait to read it..

Bill Cameron
9 years ago

Woots!!! Yay, you!

Jen at
9 years ago


Samaire Provost
Samaire Provost
9 years ago

Oh my dear heavens. You’ve done it. Awesomefriggincongratulations to you!!!! M’lady, this is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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