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The Chosen Series Summer Shorts

I’ve been playing with the idea of a novella prequel for The Chosen series (Emmanuella, Raphael and Alex from very early in the game) as well as several short story ideas.

So, after some thought and multiple, somewhat needy discussions with some friends, I’ve decided to release one short story every month during the summer. June will be about Emma when Jake was two years old and began to have visions. July will be a story about Will and his life before his court marshal, showing who he used to be. And August is really fun.

You get to decide.

My June poll will list several story ideas and you get to VOTE on which one you want me to write. The winning story suggestion will be the story for August.

Here’s the best part:  I’ll have the short stories available on Amazon for $0.99,  but if you’re on my email newsletter list, you get a link to read the story for free.

You read that right. You get to read it for FREE! This is my thanks to YOU for reading my books!

Now I have to come up with ideas for you all to vote on…


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Cyndy Andren
9 years ago

What a great idea!! Not sure if I’m on your email newsletter list or not (does facebook and Twitter count?) but it’s all good! I will gladly pay .99 (or more) to read your short stories!!!

Jen Stayrook
9 years ago

FAB-U-LOUS. *signs up*

Kathy rice
9 years ago

Your Comments
OMG!! I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait!

Heidi Senesac
9 years ago

Just finished Hunted – going back for Sacrifice today. Think your ideas about Emma and Will’s backstories is brilliant!

Larissa Hoffman
9 years ago

Great idea! You are the maven of marketing! And I admire your prolificness. (is that a word?)

Janet Beverlin
9 years ago

I love all your books and will read whatever you write. Thank you for minutes of reading. lol

9 years ago

Thank you for this!! I read Chosen and am looking forward to reading the others in the series.

Here was fantastic and right now I am reading Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes.

I love the way you write!!

9 years ago

our Comments

just finished sacrifice and absolutely loved it! can hardly wait for Redemption. The short stories are a great idea, just what I need to keep me going until October

Heather Bristol
9 years ago




I cannot wait for these to come out..thankfully June is almost here so I won’t have to wait much longer for it!!!!

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