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The Chosen eBook Box Set

For a limited time only, you can get a box set of THE CHOSEN series first three books– CHOSEN, HUNTED, and SACRIFICE for the incredibly low price of $2.99.

Individually, these three books would cost $10.97. That’s a savings of $7.98 — 63%

Why am I doing this? I want readers to have a chance to read the series for before the release of REDEMPTION next week.



THE CHOSEN box set is available on:



Barnes & Noble– coming as soon as B&N finishes the upload

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2 years ago

I’ve just read the 1st book of the chosen series (using google books) and I’m unable to get the 2nd book using that format…so frustrating!! Is there a reason that Google Play does not have this book? Apple Books don’t have it either.

Sara Seales
Sara Seales
2 years ago
Reply to  Krista

I am in the same boat. I love this author and found the first book of the chosen series in iBooks on my iPad. After I read it I went to download the next book only to find that the other 3 books to this series aren’t available in iBooks. So my question is the same is yours. Where can I find the rest of the series?

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