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Sins of the Father: A Rose Gardner Mystery Novella

Sins of the Father cover

Rose Gardner Mystery Novella #9.5

The novella will be available to be read for FREE here on my website and will be released in three parts. The link and password to read the parts will be set out on in my newsletter on:
August 30: Part One
September 30: Part Two
October 31: Part Three

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The novella will be pulled from my website on November 15 and will no longer be available to be read.

If you wish to purchase the novella for your eReader library, it will release on November 1, 2016

You can preorder it at:
Amazon: to come

Sins of the Father

As the fallout from J.R. Simmons death begins to settle, some of the victims are still dealing with the results of that deadly night.

Rose mourns the changes in her life and struggles to move on.

Neely Kate is devastated when Joe leaves Henryetta two weeks after his father’s death and refuses to speak to her.

Joe is left dealing with his father’s business and the consequent FBI investigation, while he wonders where he belongs.

But when Rose’s former neighbor’s family dog runs away, Neely Kate convinces Rose to look for the pet and both discover a few things about themselves along the way.

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Gloria Edwards

I am excited, can’t wait to read this new installment, you have wet my appetite for more of this saga. Love the way this is headed. Hope all works out for Joe. I am on his team, he deserves some happiness.


WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT THE OTHER BOOK WAS UR FINAL BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH WELLL MORE ROSE GARDENER FOR ME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just let 2 of my friends know , that are currently finishing up the series. All I can say is Yeeaaaaaaa!!!!!!!


Thank you very much!!!
I was so sad to read that the Rose Gardner series was over, then I discovered there was going to be more. Again… thank you for not leaving her, there are so many people who really, really love this character! Besides, I can’t wait to see more action for Jed and Skeeter!
Grazie from Italy!

Rhonda Vagt

I cant wait I love Rose and Neely kate so excited to be in there lives again


I need more Rose Gardner! Can’t wait for the new series!


I don’t know if I can go on without Mason. I really need Mason back … please please please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BRING MASON BACK !!!!!!!!!!


So glad your are not ending Rose and NK adventures. Looking forward to the next istallments


Can’t wait for this book to be ready for reading have read all the rose Gardner books and they are brilliant

Sondra Henderson

I can’t wait for more of Rose. Just finished the last one…..


just finished last one… i read all of the books in a month! .. i love the characters they seem so real……. but i want it all to be wrapped up.. let’s see rose in love , married, and joining the police dept….


I am so happy that there will be more to this series. I have never loved reading so much as I have with this series. I have to agree that I love Mason and hope that he will return to the series. I have been so upset that it ended the way it did with them. So excited to read more!

Cheryl Reagles

Where do I find skins of the father part 1 for reading on your site.

Rachelle E.

That sounded dumb…sorry I should have re-read that before posting! Whoops!


Just finished part 2 of “Sins of the father”. It is going to be a long month!! Can’t wait for the final installment! As in love with the characters as the first time a read 28 and a half wishes!! So glad Rose’s story will continue, I am so not ready for her story to end!!


I hope Rose falls in love with James. He seems more of her type

Jenny Engle

Will the Rose Gardner story continue under Rose Gardner Investigations? Sins didn’t sound like the end.

Nancy P

Has part 3 been sent out yet? I haven’t received it. :(


i am hooked on rose Gardner and her friends having trouble opening sins of the father . I cant wait to keep continuing the adventures . I am going to add your rose and the gang to my christmas wish list.

Sally Trejo

Oh, no! I missed this because it was in my spam :(