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Sacrifice Playlist

I usually post a playlist for my books right before they are released and I’m procrastinating so today seems like as good of time as any.
This playlist actually exists in two separate versions.  I created the first playlist while writing the first version of Sacrifice then created the second one when I rewrote 60% of the book in January and the first part of February.
Yikes. Talk about stressed.
The current playlist still includes some of the old songs but also new ones that fit particular scenes or themes.
I’m curious, as a reader, how interested are you in an author’s playlist for a book?
Sacrifice Playlist
Superfiction– Wicked World (Sacrifice theme song)
Superfiction– What Happens Now (first two chapters)
Breaking Benjamin–Anthem of the Angels (Will)
Red– Feed the Machine (Emma first part and almost the new theme song)
Dead Letter Circus– Cage (Emma also the theme song for Hunted)
Red– Confession (What’s Inside My Mind) (Emma and Will)
Red– Fight Inside (Emma and Will)
Red– Watch You Crawl (Emma middle of Sacrifice was original theme song)
Red–Start Again (Emma and Will)
Dead Letter Circus–One Step
Red– Never Be the Same (Emma and Will at the end)

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