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Photos from Reader's World Book Signing in Lee's Summit, Missouri

Last Saturday Reader’s World Book Store in Lee’s Summit, Missouri hosted a book signing for author Trisha Leigh and me.

book signing 160

Although I’d been looking for a site to host a book signing for several months, when Reader’s World offered to take part in a signing with Trisha and me, I was really, really, REALLY nervous. What if no one came? I figured, if nothing else, my mother would come.

Denise's mom
Denise’s mom

And so would Trisha’s mom.

Trisha Leigh’s mom

What I dared not hope for was this:

Crowd at the book signing
Crowd at the book signing

People were coming and going, so we don’t know how many were there, but the estimate is around fifty. Trisha and I were supposed to talk first, but someone came up and said they had to leave and could we sign their book early? Then everyone got in line.

Line waiting for autographs
book signing 162
Hard at work signing
book signing 170
Trisha holding Whispers in Autumn
book signing 167
Denise having fun

After we signed a lot of books —  >>insert my happy face<< Oh wait. It’s right above this!!!– Trisha and I discussed how we met (on Twitter several years ago), how we became critique partners, and how each one of us has contributed in some way to each other’s books, where we get ideas and how the germ of an idea can launch and entire book series.

book signing 189
Denise and Trisha talking to the audience

Then we took questions and gave away some awesome door prizes. (Somehow we never got a good photo of Christian, the Reader’s World store manager. This is a travesty.)

book signing 195
Christian (Reader’s World manager) helping Trisha and me pick door prize winners

The signing wouldn’t be possible if Reader’s World hadn’t graciously offered to host us.

book signing 159
Staff at Reader’s World

This might sound weird, but I think book signings are like weddings. You’re in the middle of it and loving every minute of it, but so much is going on you can’t really appreciate it until it’s over.

Denise and Trisha at signing
Denise and Trisha

When I finally got home, I sat down and realized what an amazing day it had been and I cried. I’ve said this over and over, and at this point, you all might think I’m insincere, but trust me when I say I KNOW I wouldn’t be where I am right now without my readers. You read my books and love them and tell your friends and tell me– which inspires me to write more books. I never, ever take you for granted.

So it was REALLY amazing to meet some of our readers in person!!!

book signing 180
Becca and Heather

book signing 166

book signing 165

book signing 164
Autumn Markley and her daughters– Autumn is the jewelry designer who created my necklace and bracelet for On the Otherside series, and bracelets for Trisha’s The Last Year series.

book signing 163

And thanks to my assistant Heather who helps me in so many ways so I can concentrate on what we all want– more time for me to write books!

Denise, Heather (Denise's assistant), and Trisha
Denise, Heather (Denise’s assistant), and Trisha

And now a couple of fun pictures:

My son Ross who stayed the entire time and proclaimed himself my body guard.

book signing 168

And my daughter Julia and her friend Megan, who were the official photographers and acted as our assistants.

book signing 202

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8 years ago

Looks like it was sooooo much fun! I hope I can make it to one someday! #LoveFromMichigan

Angie Odonnell
Angie Odonnell
8 years ago

What a great event but then everything you do turns out great. Congratulations and may God Bless you in the wonderful future you will have.

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