OF ASH AND SPIRIT: A Curse Keepers Novel | Author Denise Grover Swank OF ASH AND SPIRIT: A Curse Keepers Novel | Author Denise Grover Swank
Denise Grover Swank

OF ASH AND SPIRIT: A Curse Keepers Novel

FEBRUARY 27, 2018

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Who’s afraid of ghosts? Not Piper Lancaster, because even though she’s a ghost whisperer, she’s a skeptic. Piper helps her clients settle their inner demons, and that’s good enough for her-even if ghosts aren’t real. 

That is until the astonishing reappearance of the ruins of the Lost Colony of Roanoke turns her world upside down. Now belief in the supernatural is at an all-time high, and people are seeing ghosts in every shadow. 

There’s one problem-the reemergence of the Lost Colony has awakened both the supernatural world and Piper’s very real talent as a medium. The first time she actually sees a ghost, she thinks it’s a hallucination, a joke, anything but what it really is. 

But she’s soon confronted with evidence she can’t deny. Ghosts exist, and worse, so do demons. As if that weren’t enough, Asheville has a new resident demon that’s intent on killing her, and a sinfully handsome stranger who says she’s the only one who can destroy it. 

Barely able to accept the complete reversal in her convictions, Piper must discover-and embrace-her true identity before it’s too late.


It took a few years, but I’ve worked my way back to the Curse Keepers series, and while we’re not quite back to Ellie, Collin and David, I promise we’re getting there. You’ll see them in the second book of this series, and then they’ll get their own trilogy next. 

You also may have noticed that it says the book’s author is D.G. Swank. I plan to release my urban fantasy books under that name, but my full name will be on them in fine print. D.G. Swank has a website as well that you can check out. For now, I’ll be promoting this series under both names and slowly make the transition to the pen name. 


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5 years ago

I have just started reading your books about a year ago. I have read every Rose and Neely Kate book and just finished the Curse Keeper’s trilogy. You are so talented! I wish I was able to do half of what you can with your stories!
Obviously, I am about to DIE to read more about Ellie! There is no way she cannot end up back with Collin! 😉
Thank you for the stories, and please, keep them coming!

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