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Not to worry! There's more Rose to come!

Thank you to everyone who has bought and read Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans. I’ve gotten quite a few emails from worried readers that the Rose Gardner series is over because they read “The End” at the end.


I have plenty of more Rose projects in the works!!! I have a new eBook formatter and he added “The End” to help separate the Thirty-Three from the three chapters I included from my upcoming release The Substitute. Rose isn’t over! So what’s coming up?

FIRST, Jana DeLeon–author of the Ghost-in-Law and Miss Fortune series–and I have cowritten a Christmas novella titled Rose and Helena Save Christmas. (Preorder links below.) There’s a reason Rose and Neely Kate are going to New Orleans at the end of Thirty-Three, and it’s so they can visit Jana’s Ghost-in-Law world. We all know that Neely Kate is desperate for a supernatural gift and she gets her wish! But those of you familiar with the Ghost-in-Law series will know that seeing the ghost of Helena isn’t necessarily a good thing. Not to worry though! You don’t have to read Jana’s books to enjoy the novella. This book is completely standalone. 

SECOND, I love my newsletter subscribers, so I’ll be posting another  Rose Gardner novella that they can read for free and before the novella is available for purchase.  Look for the links an password to hit your inbox sometime mid-January. Then I’ll send links around February and March 1st, but I’ll post more info about this as we get closer. This has no title yet, but it will include multiple POVs again. The novella will then be available for purchaseMarch 17, 2015. If there’s a particular POV you want included, comment below and let me know!

THIRD, Thirty-Four and a Half PredicamentsRose Gardner Mystery #7, will be released April 28, 2105. But that’s still not the end. I plan to release Thirty-Five and a Half (??) fall 2015.

As long as Rose is still growing as character, I still love writing her, and you love reading her, I’ll keep writing her!

Thanks so much for reading!!! I love you guys!



December 9, 2015

Rose and Neely Kate go to New Orleans and get into trouble…of course. But there’s even more trouble when Helena, a ghost with a penchant for crazy fashion statements, gets involved. It’s a match made in heaven for Neely Kate, or in this case for Helena, a match made on earth.
The novella will be available on:

iBooks: (Available for preorder)
Amazon US (Available for preorder)
Amazon UK (Available for preorder)
Barnes & Noble
Google Play (New for me!)

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Diane Holmes

First I just want to say how excited I am for you that Rose is a hit. I love a good serial and this is one of the best I have read and the fact that I would allow my 15 yr. old to read it is another point in your favor. She’s such an innocent that you have to love her. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Deb Tew

I love this series Rose is my favorite and I’m currently #team mason. I love that she has visions, I also have them but in my dreams and it’s always about the future kinda of shocks me that they really happen even if it’s years later can’t wait for future readings


For your upcoming Rose Gardner novella, please use Joe’s POV! I want him and Rose to be together so bad!


id love to see rose and joe together. this is by far the best series I have ever read and this is coming from someone who easily reads a book a day. I can’t wait for more to come!!!


Loved 33 and a half. I’m even more so torn on whether to like Skeeter or not. And I love the fine line she walks. Can’t wait to read 34 and a half!


I would love to see Rose and Mason have a future together. I can’t wait for the new additions to finally come out… It’s such a long wait between books and I feel like I miss hearing about Rose, Mason, Neely Kate etc.

It would maybe be interesting to get POV from J.R Simmons, Mrs Simmons, Hillary and/or Skeeter.


I found the Rose Gardner series this week and I am totally hooked. I’ve read all books in 4 days and am so eager for more, Rose, Mason, Neely Kate and all their trouble. Please let Rose have some happiness with Mason.

Heather Lee

The Rose Gardner series is better than coffee;I literally can’t get enough! I’m team Mason for sure but can’t help wonder if Roses penchant for trouble won’t leave her having feelings for Skeeter at some point! Either way, I can’t wait for April!


Team Joe!!!

You don’t know how much I want Joe and Rose to get back together. His character is growing and he is getting his life in order. It would be great if he could overcome his father and free Rose of the threat hanging over her head and win her back. I just feel that his feelings for her are more genuine than Mason’s

Mary Beth

I totally agree! Joe’s feelings are more sincere. Mason needs to constantly say that he loves Rose – he says it way too much. Makes me question his motives and true feelings. Withholds sex until Rose says she loves him and will stay with him. I don’t trust or believe him. Rose and Joe weren’t over each other – Mason stepped in to fill the void. It’s the satisfaction of taking something away from Joe that keeps Mason with Rose.

You have no idea how happy I am that he Rose Gardner series will continue, I can’t wait!!! With the great writing, story lines and characters I couldn’t put any of these books down and have read all of them 4 times already. Still not sure which team I’m on as both Joe and Mason have their good qualities and both are growing in their own ways. Not many sleeps until the next novella and so eager to read 34 and a half AND the one’s to come. Thank you so much for sharing your gift here in NZ.

I love rose. I love these books. I never read and then I found this series and I was hooked and can’t wait for the next book .


Can I just say how amazing all the Rose Gardener Books was. I started them on Monday and a week later I have finished every single one of them! I was completly hooked! By the last one I was so nervous and anxious I couldn’t even eat my dinner lol. Defiantly a truely amazing book! Should defiantly be made into a movie!! Also Team Mason every step of the way!! :) can’t wait for the books to come! Number 1 fan right here!! :) x


Just finished reading “Rose and Helena Save Christmas.” and knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Just have to find more patience until the next instalment of the Rose Gardner Series; not exactly one of my virtues but I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait.

Can’t wait!!! x

Anna T
While the Rose Gardner Series is by far my favorite, I must say all of your books are very captivating and have an unequal storyline in the terms that it rises above all others in this same field of writing. In saying that I am also grateful to know that the Rose Gardner Series will continue. Denise, I truly am thankful for you and the talent that the good Lord has given you as a gifted writer. You have a unique ability to keep your readers on the edge of their “page” ever anxious with the utmost anticipation of what… Read more »

I have recently discovered this series and in a matter of a couple of weeks I have read them all! I am completely addicted to the people of Henryetta, i am not sure how I will make it until the next installment, I got spoiled being able to read Twenty-Eight through Thirty-Four all at one time. As far as who’s team? It’s Mason all the way! The POV’s I would love the most, that’s easy, Neely Kate, Hillary and please, please, please Skeeter Malcomb!


I love the books. I am Team Joe. I thought there was something up with Mason with his desperation for Rose to keep telling him she wants him, and how quickly he gets physical with Joe, makes me wonder about his anger issues. When reading Violets POV on this, I agreed a lot with her. I can not wait to see what happens and hope she goes back to Joe, hopefully without his father being in the way.


I just love these book. I’m defiantly team Mason, but I don’t know weather I can wait till March for the next book.

Carolyn. m

I came across the Rose Gardner serious about a week and have read them all! I LOVE THEM! once I started reading I couldn’t put them down! I just finished reading Ripple of Secrets (secretly at work) and I am dying in anticipation for the next book. I love reading the novellas and getting povs from the other characters. With all the drama this could easily be a tv show! And I am TEAM MASON all the way please let them be happy together I love them!!!!!!!!

Just finished 34 and a half Predicaments and I can’t stop crying. I love these books so much, I love the characters so much! This book was amazing and I can’t wait until November!!! Please hurry Miss Swank! I need to know what happens next, the cliff hanger and what happened has put me into a deep, bookly depression. I have no idea how I’ll continue living normally. everyone around me will continue on happily and I’ve just rode the roller coaster that is Rose Gardner. This book was different then the others but I still absolutely loved it! I… Read more »