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New Short Story for The Chosen Series

I’m going to write another short story in The Chosen world. But I’m going to let YOU help me pick what it will be about! Is there anything you are dying to know? A few ideas:

  • A Jake POV story right before Will shows up in CHOSEN
  • A James POV from Hunted or Sacrifice
  • The story of Will’s mother and Marcus
  • A story about the beginning of “The Game” with Emmaunella, Alex and Raphael
  • A story before “The Game” with Aiden, Alex, Raphael, and Marcus
  • Something YOU come up with.

Put YOUR pick or suggestions in the comments below!

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5 Comments on "New Short Story for The Chosen Series"

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Ashley mccutcheon

I would love to read about right after the ending. How they are living, how James deals with having powers and the birth of the baby. :)

Emily Pearson

I’m with Ashley. I need to know how they are!!! I miss them so much. That it hearing about Will’s mom and Marcus would sufice.

Leslie Miner

I think a story after the ending should be a full story, not a short. :) Hint hint. Would love to know what happens to Alex, Raphael, Marcus, and Emmaunella. But, if we’re talking shorts, I would vote for the story before the Game about Aiden, Alex, Raphael, and Marcus!


Hi Denise! Thank you for the Chosen-books, I really enjoyed them! But of course I am curious about the Emmanuella that Emma set free on her way back To Will and Jake. There is question hanging there, isn’t it? What did she mean? You, who put it there, must have had à reason? And what about the shadows? I do think you need To write one more book in this series. At least.
All the best To you and your writing.


I agree with Dan. I would also like to know about Marcus and Will’s mom.