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My Favorite Things Giveaway

Two years ago on my family blog There’s Always Room for One More, I had a Six Days of Christmas giveaway. For six days, I gave a prize away. The prizes started small and worked their way up to a couple of big ones– an electronic picture frame and a Zune mp3 player.

My entire family got involved with the giveaway and my oldest daughter still talks about it. So I thought: Why not do something similar this year?

So I am!

Welcome to My Favorite Things Giveaway!!!

Me with my parents and my six kids

This giveaway is all about my favorite things. Lucky for you, I have lots of favorite things.

My most favorite thing in the world is my kids. But obviously, I can’t won’t give them away. So what’s almost like my children?

My books.

Prize #1 is an eBook of all four of my books. Prize #2 is an autographed set of all four of my print books.

My addiction to Starbucks is known far and wide. I’ve written blog posts about it (Which is really quite sad. Especially when you notice the plural.) It seems only natural that I would giveaway something Starbucks related.  However, my favorite drink–a nonfat, no whip Mocha–might be hard to send through the mail. So how about a gift card instead?

Prize #3 is a $20 gift card to Starbucks

I like to read. I used to read a LOT before I started writing full time. Still, I probably read more than than the average person. (Forty-six book so far this year.) So I want to share my love of reading. With a Barnes & Noble gift card.

Prize #4 a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

Sometimes those books take up a lot of space. Or sometimes, I’m too impatient to wait for a print book to arrive in the mail. What’s an impulsive, impatient person like me supposed to do? (Besides learning to control my implusiveness.) Download eBooks. What’s that? You’d love to do that too but you don’t have an ereader. Let me hook you up:

Prize #5 is a Kindle Fire.

Now you’re saying “How do I win these awesome prizes???”

I’m so glad you asked!


Post a  review of one of my books somewhere and get an entry. Post it somewhere else (can be the same review) and get another. The possibilities are endless. (Not really endless, but I’m too lazy to do the math.)  Where can you post it? Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Things, your own blog, Tweet about  the book, post about it Facebook– See? TONS of options to get entries to win.  Then multiply that by FOUR because there are four books.

Endless. Or close to it.

Now you’re saying, “But I already posted a review! That’s not fair!”  To which I say, “You’re still eligible!”  You can get entries for ANY review you’ve posted, no matter how long ago. Although if you posted something before July, 2011, I’ll suspect something’s up since my first book, Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, just came out in the beginning of July.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which book and the link to where you posted the review. You can leave all the links in one comment or put them in separate comments. It’s entirely up to you.

BUT WAIT. You have a chance to get EXTRA ENTRIES.

As of right now, Here only has six reviews on Amazon and Hunted only has one review. The next four reviews for Here will get FIVE entries each, and the next nine reviews for Hunted will get FIVE entries each. (Each up to a total of ten. After they reach ten reviews each, the entry will count as one. The reviews left on other sites still count as one each.)

All entries are eligble for ALL prizes. You name and entry number will not be pulled from the number pool if you win one of the other prizes.

The contest runs until Sunday December 18, 2001 at midnight, CST. Winners will all be picked and announced the morning of Monday, December 19. Entries are limited to United States and Canada due to the cost of shipping overseas.

Good luck. And THANK YOU!

*** You can let me know about your reviews in the comment section below, on Facebook or through Twitter. If you use Facebook or Twitter, just make sure I let you know that I got your entry!***

 This contest is closed. Winners will be announced shortly.

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Kay Bratt
10 years ago

I was one of your first five reviews for HERE on Amazon, so give me 5 entries, right?

10 years ago

I left a review. I think that is the first review I have ever written. Glad to do it. And I am pretty sure I have mentioned your books once or twice on Facebook. :)

Denise Grover Swank
10 years ago
Reply to  Regina

Thanks, Regina!!!

10 years ago

I was very happy to find 28-1/2. Rose Gardner is one of my favorite characters.

Denise Grover Swank
10 years ago
Reply to  chicory

Thank you! I saw your review on Amazon and I have you down! I’m so glad you like Rose. She and the town of Henryetta are so much fun to write!

10 years ago

I reviewed Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes on B&N:

(reviewed as winey_mommy)

Thanks so much!

10 years ago

Raved about you on my blog here:

10 years ago

Reviewed you on Good Reads! (how I have never heard of Good Reads before is beyond me. Love that site now!)

10 years ago

Oh-and I posted tons on Facebook :) (Michelle German Garza)

Thanks so much! Seriously one of my favorite books.

Carey - Life in the Carpool Lane

I think I might be your #1 fan because I reviewed all 4 books on 3 sites each (Goodreads, B&N (user: miele610) and Amazon (user: Jack’s Mama)) and was in the first 10 for both Hunted and Here. And I recently posted on FB. I think that gives me 21 entries! See, I think I might really be your #1 fan!

Sara Davis Burks
Sara Davis Burks
10 years ago

Just finished Twenty-Eight and a half wishes after hearing about it on Facebook. I could not put it down. Loved the love story mixed in with the mystery. A must read for sure!! Now moving on to the other books you have written!

Rhonda Cowsert
10 years ago

You know about my reviews on my blog – I added them to Goodreads too. I wouldn’t even want to guess about Tweeting and/or Facebook so don’t worry about those. :)

10 years ago

I left my reviews for three books, I was the 9th reviewer of on one of them but I can’t remember which one!!

Here is the link to my reviews:

Thanks for your great writing!


[…] **My Favorite Things giveaway is still going on until December 18! Write a review on any or all of my books and let me know. One posted review equals one entry to win a KINDLE FIRE!!! I’m also giving away a $20 Barnes & Noble gift certificate, a $20 gift certifict to Starbucks, a set of autographed copies of my books, and a set of eBooks of all of my books. You can post the review in a whole bunch of places. Each place equals an entry!** […]

Ns - Happy Reader
Ns - Happy Reader
10 years ago

Hi Denise :)
I read Chosen and was quickly hooked. I haven’t read Hunted yet but hoping for Jake’s return. Thank you for a great story. Here are my reviews:



3. Shelfari

4. Goodreads

10 years ago

Just reviewed here:

Can’t wait to read them!!

10 years ago

I know I’ve posted at least three reviews, two on Amazon one on good reads, I hope u got them!! =)

10 years ago

Hi Denise! Thank you for the chance to enter! I posted about 28 1/2 wishes on my blog in July and I love love loved that book!
Here is the link.

10 years ago
7 years ago

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