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HERE Will Be an Audiobook!

I’m so excited to share that HERE (On the Otherside #1)will be an audiobook! While I’ve used ACX to find the narrators for Chosen and Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, I went a different route with HERE.

I hired an actress.

HERE is told in first person, present tense. The book is narrated as it happens. I couldn’t have a woman record the story and make it believable. It had to be a teenage girl. And that seriously limited my choices.

I had originally hired a very talented teen actress I knew from when we lived in Franklin, Tennessee. Unfortunately, things fell through– to everyone’s disappointment.  But the actress’s mother suggested someone else, Bryce Hitchcock, and asked if I’d like to have her audition.

The beauty of the first actress was that her father has his own production studio.  She was going to  read and he would record and produce the audio.  So while I was eager to hear Bryce’s audition, I wasn’t sure what we’d do if we liked her.  I don’t know the first thing about producing an audiobook. I hire the talent and they deliver a finished product. But Bryce’s mother sent her audition and me and my fifteen year old daughter were blown away by her performance.

I had to hire her and I had to figure out how to make it work.

Thank goodness, for the people who helped make this happen!

So now I can officially announce that Bryce Hitchcock is the voice of Julia Phillips.

Bryce is fourteen years old and has already has an impressive resume which you can see for yourself at IMDb.

She will narrate both HERE and also THERE when it’s ready for publication. She and the production studio are working incredibly fast. We expect the project to be completed and ready for sale by the end of September.

Want to hear how perfect Bryce for the part? How about a sample from Chapter One?


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9 years ago

Here is such a wonderful book! I’m glad there will be another way for people to experience it. Bryce is a perfect choice! I can’t wait for There to be ready…this is a great series!!

9 years ago


Joe Loesch
9 years ago

What a great combination! Great book…Great storyteller…what more could you ask for?

James Barrows
James Barrows
8 years ago

“Here” was awesome and Bryce was perfect. She is the reason I Purchased the audiobook. And How I discovered this Great book. When will the audiobook be ready for “There”.

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