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Hello, Turkey!

I am so excited!!! I had two professional goals for 2012 and now I’ve met both of them! The first was to get a literary agent and the second was to get a contract with a publisher.

When they say publishing is slow, they aren’t kidding. This deal has been in the works for months and was finalized a couple of weeks ago.  What I love about this sale is that the publisher approached ME!  When Chosen was selling well in December,  he sent me an email saying he was interested. Several emails were sent back and forth and I let it sit before he raised his offer and I said deal!

Just because you self-publish doesn’t mean that subsidarary rights aren’t possible.  Many self-published authors get foreign deals. movie deals, TV production rights, audiobooks (either producing the books themselves or getting deals with audiobook producers) and/or translating their own works and self-publishing their books themselves in foreign markets.

The publishing world is in a HUGE transitional state. There’s no one right way to publish and I hate when I see people draw lines in the sand.  Authors need to decide how much hands on work they want to do on the business end then  decide which path is right for them. Some might go entirely one way, others might chose both.  But we need to be respectful of  books that are released in a professional manner (copy editing, professional cover design) no matter who the publisher happens to be.

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Rowena S
9 years ago

Congratulations on both accomplishments!! It’s so nice to hear that by working hard at something you enjoy and perhaps in a “non-traditional way,” you can still accomplish goals that might not have been initially viable for you. Sounds like 2012 is turning out to be a great year ; )

Joelle in NJ
9 years ago


Anne Francis Scott
9 years ago

Congratulations, Denise! I wish you well on this new and exciting path. And I completely agree with you that there is “no one right way to publish.” It is just whatever works for the author. When I began writing Lost Girl, the first novel in a paranormal mystery trilogy, I wasn’t sure whether I would pursue independent publishing. But my desire to learn the business won out, so I opted in for self-publishing. I can honestly say that, in doing so, I have gained invaluable insight into the industry. I also love having control over my work from title to… Read more »

Heather McCorkle
9 years ago

Congratulations! That’s fantastic news. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone snatched you up. :)


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