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Finding Home: A Bluebird Bay Novel coming in August!

Christine and I are so overwhelmed with the response to FInding Tomorrow, that we’ve already started working on Anna’s story–Finding Home! 

Finding Home
A Bluebird Bay Novel
August 27, 2019

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Google Play
Kobo (to come)

Amazon and Barnes & Noble print to come

Anna Sullivan has spent the last thirty years traveling solo around the world as a nature photographer and she’s loved every minute of it. But suddenly, the nights seem long and lonely, and she looks forward to her trips away from Bluebird, Maine and her sisters, Cee-cee and Steph, less and less. When a cruel twist of fate brings her back home, Anna reevaluates everything in her life. Can she find happiness in the hometown she’s spent a lifetime running away from?

This is the second book in the heartwarming Bluebird Bay series, preceded by Finding Tomorrow, but can also be read as a stand-alone.

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Joan Labate
Joan Labate
1 year ago

Loved the first book. Waiting for the second about Anna. Can’t do kindle. Not savvy enough. Please do paperback books! Thanks…

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