FAMILY JEWELS (Rose Gardner Investigations #1) | Author Denise Grover Swank FAMILY JEWELS (Rose Gardner Investigations #1) | Author Denise Grover Swank
Denise Grover Swank

FAMILY JEWELS (Rose Gardner Investigations #1)

family-jewels-generic****FAMILY JEWELS****
Rose Gardner Investigations #1
November 29, 2016

With only three more weeks until the release of FAMILY JEWELS, I thought I’d clear up some confusion about the new Rose Gardner series.

  • While Rose Gardner Investigations is a new series, readers of the previous series will see a seamless transition from the novella SINS OF THE FATHER or THIRTY-SIX AND A HALF MOTIVES.
  • Readers who have never read a Rose Gardner Mystery book will be able to start with FAMILY JEWELS without a problem.
  • The books in the new series will no longer have the >Number and a Half< in the titles.
  • Almost every character from the Rose Gardner Mystery series will make an appearance in the new series at some point.
  • Each book of the Rose Gardner Investigation series will be a self-contained mystery, but there will be overlap of Rose and her friends’ personal lives over the course of the series.
  • FAMILY JEWELS has a preorder price of $2.99 but will raise to $3.99 on December 5.
  • There will be novellas with the new series, but for now, they will focus on secondary characters and their backstories. The novellas will be part of their own **Rose Gardner Exposed Series**. The first novella will release April 18, 2017 and will feature Neely Kate’s backstory in TRAILER TRASH. It is currently available for preorder on iBooks.
  • The novellas in the new series will NOT be available on my website to be read for free. (I will write a blog post later to explain this.)

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Trouble always comes to those who court it. Rose Gardner’s ability to see glimpses of the future has gotten her into hot water time and again, but so have her curiosity and her sense of daring. Those very qualities helped her defeat the most powerful man in Arkansas—a man so adept at hiding his crimes there was no way to defeat him inside of the law—but her success came at a steep personal price. Now she’s throwing herself into her landscaping business, trying to live a life that’s as orderly as one of her gardens.
Rose’s best friend, Neely Kate, is struggling with her own losses, so when she suggests they help a local man find a missing necklace, Rose agrees. It’ll give both of them a welcome distraction, and besides, it’s a simple investigation. What harm could befall them? But things that should be simple rarely are. In seeking out the necklace, Rose and Neely Kate find themselves in the thick of a power struggle in the Fenton County underworld, one that could dethrone Rose’s friend James Malcolm, the surprisingly moral king.
The last thing Rose should do is court more trouble, but she’s not the type to step away from a friend in need—and she’s also not so sure she wants an orderly life.

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melanie hodges
melanie hodges
7 years ago

I’m really looking forward to reading Family Jewels, although I’ll be sad to see the end of the previous series, I think this is a fantastic idea and a great new direction for your readers who have fallen in love with not just Rose, but the other characters who have been a huge part of the previous series and I look forward to seeing this new start.

Best of luck Denise, you certainly deserve it xx

Janet Keating
Janet Keating
7 years ago

When will the audiobook be at I know there is one coming, because the first chapter was tagged onto the end of the last Rose Gardner Mysteries book. Please make this information available on the page. Thanks.

Melanie Madsen
Melanie Madsen
7 years ago

I just want to say, I absolutely love your Rose Gardner series’ ! I have read a lot of books, a lot. And I have never been so addicted and swept in, your style of writing and story telling is captivating! I am absolutely in love with all of your characters from the previous series and was brought back to life when I realized it can still go one with your investigation series. I am excited to read Family Jewles and the novella Trailer Trash! When will the second investigation book come out? I’ll try not to read to fast…

Keep doing the great job you are!

Thank you Denise !!

7 years ago

You mention Sins of The Father – I don’t see that listed on your list of books in the Rose Garden Mysteries. Is Sins of the Father called something else. Thanks.

6 years ago

I just got done reading For the birds I have read all of the rose garner books including family jewels and now for the birds pleaasseee tell me there will be another book after that that continues how her life is going with James and violet it left so many in answered questions. I’m obsessed with these books lol

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