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Fall into the Otherside Short Story Series

Starting with September’s newsletter, I’m kicking off another short story series for  On the Otherside in anticipation of the release of THERE in December. Each story will be a prequel to HERE and give you a little insight to the characters lives leading up to Julia’s accident and the beginning  the book.

This will also be a chance for readers of my other series to get a glimpse into the  characters from On the Otherside. While HERE is a young adult book and appropriate for younger preteen readers, it’s not juvenile in its tone or context. It’s a story with sixteen and seventeen year old main characters but the emotional depth you’ve come to expect from my books (at least I hope you have) is still there. In fact,I consider HERE to be my best written book to date if you’re looking for pretty words. I think the story is pretty good too, but then again I’m kind of partial.  In any case, if you haven’t read HERE you can check out the stories and see if it’s a series you want to try.

The stories will ONLY be available to newsletter subscribers. I may bundle them together and publish them at some point, but that itself is a bit of a hassle and not my intention.  I enjoy writing the stories and it’s a gift to my readers. I will post a link and a password to read the story on my website each month from September to December.  Here’s a list of the stories I plan to write:

September: Once in a Lifetime, Reece POV, the story behind the painting in his room. (Note: this story was originally a guest blog post)

October: Julia POV, Julia and Monica before the accident that killed Monica

November: Evan POV, when Evan realizes he has the chance to see Julia again

December: Reece POV, when Julia meets Reece in the church before the accident

I know quite a few of you want more Chosen stories and I DO plan to write them, but to continue to write a story every month, it will work so much better for me if I keep my head in their world. I actually have a hard time switching back and forth sometimes. When I write a story or a novel, I am in their heads. I am feeling what they feel. Seeing what they see. I become that person (especially in first person) and tell the story in their words. I can’t flop from Chosen to On the Otherside or Rose Gardner Mysteries (especially Rose!) without immersing myself in their world. I hope this shows in my writing.

I hope you enjoy the stories. I love to get feedback so feel free to leave me comments, post on my Facebook wall, or send me an email telling me what you think.

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Emilia Anaruma
9 years ago

Looking forward to them! Your characters are always fascinating, so any little extra tidbits are very welcome. Love them all to pieces, especially Reece!

9 years ago

Oh, YAY! I was hoping you would do this for the Otherside series.

9 years ago

Love, love, love your writing. I read Here on the Other Side and am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.

I have read all of the three books in the Chosen series.

Keep up the good work…love the character and plot developments!! :)

9 years ago

Love, love, love your books!!

I read Here on the Other Side as well as the Chosen series.
I can’t wait to read the prequel to Here!! Love the characters and plot developments in the books!!!

Rowena S
9 years ago

Very excited and looking forward to these extra bits in anticipation of the release!

9 years ago

Can’t wait! I started Here yesterday and finished it today, which is quite a feat considering I have two toddlers! I can’t wait for There to come out!

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