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Exciting News for My Rose Gardner Mystery Series!

I’ve sat on this news for several months while things got hashed out–legal contracts take some time to negotiate and get sorted out–but I can finally announce my exciting news to the world!

Rose print deal announcement

But Publisher’s Marketplace failed to mention the most important part: This is a PRINT ONLY DEAL.

So what does this mean? It means that bookstores will now be more willing to stock my Rose Gardner Mystery series on their bookshelves! Less than a handful of bookstores will carry my self-published books because of return policies, discoverability, and the high wholesale price for POD books. But now Crooked Lane’s sales staff will actively promoteĀ Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons, and Thirty and a Half Excuses to bookstores. Twenty-Eight will be available in August, Twenty-Nine in September, and Thirty in October.

What else does thisĀ mean for the future of my Rose Gardner series? Nothing changes.

  • I will still release books on my own schedule as self-published books.
  • I still have total control over ALL my eBooks. Crooked Lane only controls the print books.
  • I have total creative control over the series.


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7 Comments on "Exciting News for My Rose Gardner Mystery Series!"

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Sabrina Kratzer

Big time congratulations!

Heather Sunseri

Huge congrats, Denise!!!

Wendy Lindstrom

You go, girl! Thanks for helping to create the new landscape of publishing. Huge congrats, Denise!

CArolyn Grover

Congrats d. aughter great job


Good for you, Denise!

Julie Ortolon

So excited for you! Major congrats.

Tina Singe

I absolutely love your Rose Gardner books and finish every single one within a day or two of them being released – I cannot put them down! I just finished the second part of Ripple of Secrets and don’t know how I can manage to wait until March 11 for the final part. Would you offer the final part for sale? Before March 11?