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Dreaming Big

I’m so stinking excited!!! Chosen has hit its highest ranking yet– #130 in the Kindle Store.

Out of one million books, only 129 are selling more books than Chosen.

This blows me away.

How many books do you have to sell to reach this ranking? It changes day to day, hour to hour, depending on how many overall books are bought and sold through Amazon. (I find Sunday to be the biggest selling day, Tuesday is often the slowest.) Yesterday, I sold 325 Kindle books.

In one day.

It took me a month and a half to sell that many Kindle books of Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes.  It took me three weeks to sell my first 300 copies of Chosen but only six days to sell 300 of Hunted. (Chosen was selling over 100 books a day when Hunted released and since Hunted is the second book of the series, I don’t necessarily find this surprising.) It’s taken a month to sell 300 copies of Here, BUT my blog review tour doesn’t start until next week.  (A blog post on the effectiveness of blog tours will be coming soon.)

Who knows what will happen. I may have peaked out this morning and start falling back. Or I might follow the book that Chosen has been playing tag with, Love is Darkness. They keep trading #2 and #3 in contemporary fantasy**  and started their jostling  in the #190-#180’s. Now Love is Darkness is #108 and Chosen is #130.

I’ve seen so much of Love is Darkness‘ butt that I almost feel the need to formally introduce myself to the author, Caroline Hanson. You can only imagine how I’d start the email. “Dear Caroline, I’ve been watching your ass for over a week now, with the occasional chance to jump on top.”

Okay, maybe I should rework that.

Whether I continue to climb or start to fall, whatever happens, I’m going to enjoy the ride. Making it this far was reserved for my wildest dreams.

Good thing I’m a dreamer.

**Chosen and Love is Darkness were fighting for #1 and #2 with Chosen never making it to #1, but only 4 rankings away at one point.  Then a traditionally published, deeply discounted Christmas book, Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas  jumped into  #1 and in fact, has been in the top #20-#50 of overall Kindle sales.


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10 years ago

You deserve each and every bit of success. (And I’m jumping up & down inside that Chosen is whooping butt!)

10 years ago

Denise, this is so wonderful! Congrats.

Dyann Love Barr
10 years ago

This is so freaking awesome. It shows what determination and talent will do. This is exactly what I need to get back to writing after all my health issues have ground me to the floor. Thanks, Denise, and now it’s back to the computer with hopes I don’t freeze up at blank screen in front of me.

Patty Blount
10 years ago

I adored Twenty-Eight and Half Wishes and can’t wait to read your others. Congrats on your wonderful achievements! *sends chocolate*

Kay Bratt
10 years ago

I love how you’d start the note out to Caroline…you should do it. If someone sent me that note, I’d laugh until I cried and it would make my day.

You deserve this. And you are inspiration for others out there. Keep it up!

10 years ago

IS there a third book to the chosen series? i cant find anything out about it?

Denise Grover Swank
10 years ago
Reply to  Chari

Chari– Sacrifice, the third book will be out in March. I’m so glad you want to read it!!!

Caroline Hanson
Caroline Hanson
10 years ago

Ah, how things change. I can’t even see your ass now, it’s 130 asses ahead of mine. Bummer.

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