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Characters for TORN

After months, and months, I think I’ve got photos for the important characters in TORN, my young adult science fiction. The problem is I get an image in my head and its really, really, REALLY hard to find photos that come close enough.

Evan Whittaker

This is pretty close for Evan, the boy who suddenly becomes obsessed with Julia, the main character.


Reece Collins

Reece is part of a love triangle that Julia has trouble understanding.



Julia’s best friend that was killed in a car accident six months before.


Julia Phillips

This is the photo I had the hardest time with. The story is told by Julia in first person and I realized part of the problem is I rarely “saw” her. I was living the story in her head, looking through her eyes. She’s not a vain character so she didn’t spend much time looking in a mirror. ┬áThe Julia in my head has thicker hair and her face is a little fuller, but this will work.

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