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Changing Characters

I finished my MULTIPLE revision of Sacrifice Wednesday night and sent it off to the copy editor!
Can I get an AMEN?
Sacrifice has sacrificed my own blood, sweat, tears, patience and frustration. BUT I think it’s so much better than it was to begin with and I hope you all agree. At this point I’m still on track for a late March release.
I hit send around 1 am Thursday morning and began to work on plotting out the rest of Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons  yesterday, which came amazingly easy. Frighteningly so. (But perhaps not as frightening as my over use of adverbs here.) Today, I began to write again, adding to the 9000 words I already had.
And I stalled.
Not because Ididn’t know what Rose was doing, but because I had trouble getting back into what Rose was saying.  I had to recapture Rose’s voice.
Rose’s thoughts wander. Her vocabulary isn’t the same as I would use in The Chosen or On the Otherside series. Rose’s life experiences are not only culturally different but also stunted by her lack of experience.  She looks at life though different lenses and while her innocence is so refreshing, the difference between her world and Will and Emma’s is jarring.
So I’ve been reading Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes to get back into her head and I think I’ve finally found her again in my Red Room full of waiting characters.  I wrote this section this afternoon. Rose is late for jury duty and the women’s restroom is closed for cleaning. She darts into the empty men’s  restroom and into a stall.
(this is unedited)
As I was finishing up, I heard someone shuffle in.   I looked down and a pair of men’s dress shoes peeked at the bottom of the stall. My eyes widened and I picked up my feet, knowing if whoever was out there saw my heels, he’d know the restroom had been inhabited by a woman. Unless I was a cross dresser, which wasn’t likely in the Fenton County Courthouse on a Monday morning. But then again, what did I know about cross dressing? I’d only worn my first lacy bra and panties about a month ago.
Goodness, I forgot how much fun it is to write Rose!  And speaking of words like “goodness” and “crappy doodles” an new phrase that has entered into my syntax is “Oh my stars and garters.” My four year old even says it now. Don’t be surprised if it works it’s way into Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons.
Enough loafing for me. Back to writing. In my book.

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Wendy Webb
Wendy Webb
12 years ago

AMEN! and FYI – I still say “oh my stars and garters!” 😀 Looking forward to 29!!

12 years ago

Love your Chosen series. Terrible cold this past weekend so I started reading and love your books. Kept trying to find Sacrifice and didn’t realize it wouldn’t be published until late next month. So looking forward to reading it on my Xoom.

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