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It All Falls Down--Chapters One and Two

It All Falls Down Rose Gardner Investigations #7 February 9, 2021 The final book of the series Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon AU Amazon CA Apple Nook Google Play Kobo Goodreads   Chapter One   Your turn,” I said, reaching out blindly for Joe in the darkness. My hand connected with his elbow, and I gave him a shove as [...]

Buried in Secrets Release Day!

Buried in Secrets Carly Moore #4 Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: Amazon CA: Apple: Nook: Kobo: Google Play: Goodreads: BookBub: Print book and audiobook to come   Be careful where you dig… Life in Drum, Tennessee has been quiet since corruption was uncovered in the sheriff’s department three months [...]

Any Luck at All first two chapters!

Any Luck at All  Asheville Brewing #1 September 22, 2020 Apple Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon AU Amazon CA Google Play Kobo Nook Amazon Print Goodreads  BookBub     “How much longer is this going to take?” Prescott Lee Buchanan said in a condescending tone, his fingers drumming on the conference table. Georgie Buchanan knew that drumming all too well. [...]

Let It All Burn--Chapter One

  I'm so excited to give you a sneak peek of my Paranormal Women's Fiction-- Let it All Burn!  Let it All Burn releases on Tuesday, February 18 on  AMAZON ONLY and will be in Kindle Unlimited.  I wrote this book in conjunction with twelve authors to launch the new Paranormal Women's Fiction genre and part of the arrangement was [...]

Chapter One and Two of A Cry in the Dark

Want a sneak peek of A Cry in the Dark, the first book of the Carly Moore Series?  Available November 12, 2019! Apple Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon AU Amazon CA Google Play Kobo Nook Goodreads    Chapter One “No, no, no, no, NO!” I shouted, banging the heel of my hand on the steering wheel of my Honda. “Dammit!” [...]

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