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Writer Wednesday Welcomes John Mierau

Today it's my great pleasure to welcome author, the narrator of The Chosen series audiobooks, producer of my podcasts, and friend-- John Mierau. I HIGHLY suggest you pick John's brain in the comment section about using podcasts to promote yourself and your works. He's quite the expert! You can find MY podcasts (that John has produced and narrated some short [...]

We welcome Monica Enderle Pierce to Writer Wednesday

Today we welcome Monica Enderle Pierce! I met Monica back when I started stalking Twitter and other fledgling writers. We used to participate in #wipfire. We would show up on Twitter every night and post lines of our current WIP (work in progress) on Twitter, and then critique them. I learned a LOT from Monica back then and I was [...]

REDEMPTION Release Day is Here!

REDEMPTION is live on Amazon but the search engine on the site isn't picking it up. To buy a copy of REDEMPTION for Kindle go here. It's finally here! The day I didn't anticipate when I wrote the first words to CHOSEN on a cold December day. THE CHOSEN series has come to an end. It's bittersweet. I love Emma, [...]


Three more days!!! If my Facebook author page gets to 500 likes before Wednesday, I'll post the first chapter to REDEMPTION. Only twelve more to go at the time of this posting.

Redemption/Chosen Series Box Set Giveaway

I have a book coming out next Wednesday and I am SO EXCITED! Some of you are anxiously awaiting the release of REDEMPTION, the fourth and final book in The Chosen series. But a lot of people have never heard of CHOSEN, and I want to introduce those readers to the series. So I bundled the first three books of [...]

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