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Finding Forever

Finding Forever

Book 4: Bluebird Bay Series

Come spend some time with the Sullivan sisters and their families in Bluebird Bay…

Max Burrows thought she’d finally found “the one”. But when Tyler gets the opportunity of a lifetime and leaves Bluebird Bay for Paris, she can’t bring herself to join him. She worked like a dog to make her own dream come true by opening the bookstore, and she won’t give that up. Not for Tyler.

Not for anyone.

So when she gets a notice from the new landlord that her shop’s lease is being terminated? It’s like the rug has been yanked out from under her, yet again. Rather than curl up and accept her fate, she makes it her mission to get Ian Thackery to change his mind, no matter what it takes. As she gets to know him, though, she finds he’s more than just the devil incarnate, intent on ruining her life. He’s also funny, charming, smart, and way too handsome for her own good.

She might be in deeper than she thought…

Max found love before and lost it. Will she find forever this time?

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