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Just Because I'm Mean...

I have an exciting announcement on Monday! I can't wait to share!

Teaser Tuesday

I never post excerpts from my work in progress on my blog, but I started a new project yesterday and honestly, it's turning out to be WAY more fun than I thought it would be, so I thought why not? Below is the first lines of my new project, which  for now is stuck with the sucky title of Zach [...]

Characters for TORN

After months, and months, I think I've got photos for the important characters in TORN, my young adult science fiction. The problem is I get an image in my head and its really, really, REALLY hard to find photos that come close enough. Evan Whittaker This is pretty close for Evan, the boy who suddenly becomes obsessed with Julia, the [...]

My New Manuscript Has a Cast

Last night I read through my manuscript of TORN one last time after my latest revisions. (I sent it off to a couple of people to read.) I consider it done unless something major comes up, which means it's time to move on to a new project. No rest for the wicked, I always say. My next project is a [...]

Your Mother Always Said to Dress in Layers

{Note: I've completed five full length manuscripts, but I still feel like a poser when I write about writing.} Your mother always said to dress in layers and it's good advice for your manuscript. I tend to underwrite. You'll rarely see purple prose from me and when you do, I've tried too hard and end up having to scoop all [...]

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