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OF ASH AND SPIRIT: A Curse Keepers Novel

OF ASH AND SPIRIT: A CURSE KEEPERS NOVEL OF ASH AND SPIRIT TRILOGY BOOK ONE FEBRUARY 27, 2018 iBooks Nook Kobo  Google Play Amazon US Amazon UK:  Amazon AU Amazon CA Goodreads Who's afraid of ghosts? Not Piper Lancaster, because even though she's a ghost whisperer, she's a skeptic. Piper helps her clients settle their inner demons, and that's good [...]

Deleted scene from Deadly Summer

I've never posted a deleted scene from a book before. For me, scenes are usually deleted because the book took a different direction.  But this scene is an exception to that rule. This deleted scene could have stayed, but was cut for other reasons. One, the book was already really long, and two, while I part of the purpose of [...]

Get a Sneak Peek at Chapter One of DEADLY SUMMER

DEADLY SUMMER Darling Investigations #1 January 8, 2018 Available on Amazon Only Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon AU Amazon CA Chapter One This felt a lot like rock bottom. I was sitting at the bar in Magnum, an upscale Vietnamese and Portuguese fusion restaurant, sipping a glass of white wine while I tried not to dwell on the fact that [...]

IN HIGH COTTON Release Date Move

Some of you may have gotten an email telling you that the release date of IN HIGH COTTON has been moved to July 31.  First, let me tell you that HELL IN A HANDBASKET, Rose Gardner Investigations #3, will now be releasing April 17 instead of late May as I'd originally planned. This move means you get the next Rose [...]

ALWAYS YOU Chapter One

  ALWAYS YOU (The Bachelor Brotherhood #3) November 28, 2018 Amazon Amazon UK Amazon AU Amazon CA Nook iBooks Kobo Google Play Goodreads             Read Chapter One Now! Standing at the edge of a grass soccer field, Matt stared into the sea of parents’ faces and resisted the urge to groan. Obviously, word had spread [...]

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