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Lend Me Your Reviews! August Giveaway!

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes is doing even better than I expected with sales and has some really awesome reviews and ratings!!! At this moment, it has twenty-three 5 star ratings and seven 4 star!  I am ecstatic!!!

That’s thirty ratings with an average of 4.76%.

That is unbelievable. THANK YOU!

But I’m also greedy. I’m a debut author and self-published to boot. Readers only have word of mouth and reviews to rely on as to whether Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes is worth 0.99 for an ebook (to be raised to $2.99 in September)  or $10.79 for print (Barnes & Noble and Amazon.)  So now I need your help, and I’ve provided an incentive.

Because I have bushel full of kids and I believe in bribery rewards sharing with friends.

I’m giving away three gift certificates worth $25 each to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. (Winner’s choice )

How can you enter?

Simple. If you’ve read Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, just write a review and post it somewhere that hosts reviews. The review can be one sentence or a lengthy analysis. The only thing I ask is that it be honest. One review post equals one entry.

But, wait. Don’t you want more chances to win? Just post a review somewhere else. It can be the same review, just post it on another site. Or a blog post. My only request is that it’s somewhere that can be linked back to so potential readers can see it.

Criteria to enter:

  • One entry for each review posted. Must be a review, not just a rating because some of those are impossible to track.
  • Sites for postings include, but are not limited to: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, a review on  your personal blog, a review posted on another blog (not a comment) or any other site you can think of.
  • Extra credit: Amazon has a Like button on both book format pages (Kindle and Print.) If you like each page, I’ll give you one extra entry. This is totally on the honor system since there’s no way to track back, but this is  a HUGE factor in Amazon’s algorithms.
  • More extra credit: Another honor entry if you click all the tags at the bottom of the Amazon pages. The higher the numbers, the higher Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes shows up in searches for those tags. Feel free to add tags of your own.
  • Reviews can have been added BEFORE the beginning of the contest. Just leave a link to your review in the comment section.
  • In comments, list the site where the review was left and a link. You can list multiple links in one comment. Or one link per comment. Entirely up to you. If you add more to other sites later, you may make a comment further down. Tell me in the comment if you’ve “liked” my TWO pages on Amazon and clicked the tags on BOTH pages. Follow this link for Kindle and this one for print.
Contest ends at midnight CDT on August 31. 2011. Winners will be announced on Friday, September 2, 2011. Entries will be numbered and chosen by
And for those of you who have read Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes and loved it. Thank you. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you!




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10 years ago

yessss!!!! looks like i have lots of reading to do lol

10 years ago

I have Read and reviewed this Grippppppppping book!!
My review can be found on

I have also sent a request off to dooyoo and ciao which should be approved anytime this week so will comfirm once this has gone through xxx

Eisley Jacobs
10 years ago

I’ve read this 5 times… I should get an entry for EVERY time right? Ha!

I reviewed on Good Reads
I reviewed on Amazon
I reviewed on B&N
I reviewed on Smashwords
I reviewed on my Blog
I tweeted my review
Clicked links… shoot I should just win ;)

Carey - Life in the Carpool Lane

On 7/28, I reviewed on:
-Barnes & Noble

On Amazon, I also ‘liked’ both the print and kindle versions and clicked all the tags for both versions.

Again, congrats Denise! Your book and talent and drive is inspiring!

Heather McCorkle
10 years ago

It’s next on my list of books to read and I’ll be sure to review it everywhere!

ashelynn hetland
10 years ago


I reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads:

I liked it both pages and checked all the tags on Amazon.

Carey - Life in the Carpool Lane

My mom bought the book for her Nook and last night I had Scott buy a Kindle copy and check all the tags on both the Kindle and printed editions! He doesn’t read though so he won’t be reviewing it… :( Just trying to get your sales and search results higher!

10 years ago

liked both kindle and print versions on Amazon

10 years ago

clicked all the tags on both kindle and print and resisted adding a “crappydoodles” tag

10 years ago

I finally did it. I was so nervous to write these reviews but here they are. I also liked both the print and kindle versions on Amazon.
My Blog review is up over at:



Great Job Denise!! Thanks for the contest!

10 years ago

Amazon review for Kindle edition. Having trouble creating link here.

10 years ago

maybe this?
Also, hit the tags up.
Off to find my goodreads sign in. Keep writing! :)

10 years ago
6 years ago

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