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Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons to Love Rose Gardner- Reason Nineteen

To see the official rules for Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner, go here.

Today we are visited by Mike.  Meet Mike(he’s kind of cute):

I’m not going to say much about Mike so that you can do your research.  You should absolutely know who he is and what today’s giveaway has to do with him.  So for our prize today we are giving away a barbeque kit:

If you get this giveaway correct, you can own this 16 piece Chefmate barbeque tool set, which comes in a handy case to keep it all neatly stored.

Today you need to share with us why we chose this gift to go with Mike?  Do you know?  Shoot us a comment.  

Here is how this will work.  You will answer the question.  Your answer will not appear in the comments section.  In fact for two weeks there will be no comments.  We will be keeping them all private so you can’t see other poster’s answers. In order to be entered into this giveaway you must 1. Post an answer and 2. Post the correct answer.

You will have two weeks from today(midnight on July 17th) to comment.  At that time we will post the correct answer and the winner.  Good Luck!

Ruby Hsu is the winner of the barbeque set.  We hope you have fun grilling with these great tools.  Congratulations.  We will be emailing you for your shipping information.

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Heather Bristol
9 years ago

Mike always seemed to be outside at his grill almost every scene he showed up in the book.

Carie Lewis
9 years ago

Mike is always grilling out. Mike invited Rose and Joe over to work things out with his wife, Violet, (Rose’s sister) and he was grilling dinner.

Deven Avila
9 years ago

Mike is Rose’s brother in law. Violet’s husband, a family man and a barbequer! (i just reread the book and this is the best I could come up with. lol)

Ruby Hsu
9 years ago

Because when Violet set Rose up on a blind double date, Mike didnt want to get in the middle so he just keep BBQing and drinking his beer

Elizabeth Tuttle
9 years ago

Because Mike barbeques a lot and does so to keep busy and out of the drama Violet creates trying to set Rose up

9 years ago

You chose this for Mike because he likes to grill on his bbq. (?) :)

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