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Coming February 22nd!

Blind Bake

Maddie Baker Mystery #1

Blind Bake

The first book in a new humorous romance mystery series by Denise Grover Swank.

A month ago, I quit my job and finally left my commitment-phobe boyfriend, then moved back to my hometown of Cockamamie, Tennessee, to take care of my newly widowed Aunt Deidre, who has dementia.

Somehow, I’ve stumbled my way into a murder investigation—like literally—and now I’m a suspect. Okay, so I told off the newly deceased old fart, but that doesn’t mean I’m the killer.

And the idiot detective? Sure, he’s insanely hot, but it turns out he’s the grandson of my grandmother’s nemesis. I’m sure he’s holding that against me.

So now my life’s a complicated mess. I need to clear my name, make sure my aunt doesn’t wander off again, and find the killer since the Cockamamie taxpayers seem to be wasting their money on Detective Langley’s salary.

Oh, and I really need a job.



Now Available!

Matchmaking Mischief

Book 4: Bad Luck Club Series

Matchmaking Mischief

She’s a hopeless romantic…for everyone but herself. Can the least romantic man alive convince her love isn’t just for other people?


There are certain expectations when you’re born into a multigenerational family of matchmakers, which is why I fled my hometown and tried to build a life of my own.

But it turns out matchmaking is hard to quit, and I can’t stop trying to match the customers at the bakery I manage—including my boss and the tea shop owner next door—even though I’m hopeless at love.

So it seriously crimps my style when Alex Hunter starts coming around, working on his book at the bakery. He’s hot, grumpy, and thinks romance is a dirty word. Worse, he keeps distracting our customers.

He needs to go away. Which means someone needs to matchmake him.

And I’m just the girl for the job.


I’m a writer who can’t write, and lo and behold, I meet a matchmaker who’s allergic to love.

Me being me, I fall for her.

Most of the people in this town seem insane, but I have to turn my frown upside down and show Willow Mayberry that matchmakers deserve love too.

AMAZON/Kindle Unlimited

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