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IN HIGH COTTON Release Date Move

Some of you may have gotten an email telling you that the release date of IN HIGH COTTON has been moved to July 31. 

First, let me tell you that HELL IN A HANDBASKET, Rose Gardner Investigations #3, will now be releasing April 17 instead of late May as I’d originally planned. This move means you get the next Rose Gardner Investigations book SOONER. 

HELL IN A HANDBASKET (Rose Gardner Investigations #3) April 17, 2018
IN HIGH COTTON (Neely Kate Mystery #2) July 31, 2018.

This move has been in process since the beginning of December. Some of you have noticed I’ve been writing a new Curse Keepers book, OF ASH AND SPIRIT. I had originally planned to release that series over the summer, but I stalled big time on Neely Kate. And as I tried to figure out why that book wasn’t working, I didn’t want to waste writing time and worked on OF ASH AND SPIRIT instead.

Why didn’t I write Rose’s book instead while I was stalled? The answer is because I was trying to figure out what was wrong with Neely Kate. Once I put the book aside, I realized it came too soon after FOR THE BIRDS. There were too many questions left up in the air that just couldn’t be answered by Neely Kate.

If this news upsets you, I am truly sorry. I have NEVER moved a release date before. This was a VERY DIFFICULT decision, but I would have cancelled the book completely before I released the small amount I had written. I take pride in my books. I love my characters. And I love my readers too much to release a subpar book.


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As a person who likes well written and edited books, I say it’s better to do something well than to do something fast or shortened. Take your time and make them excellent. I think a sure way to get bad sales on something is to take liberties with quality. Most people who are willing to read a book rather than watch a video will harshly and ruthlessly judge that sort of thing. I am looking forward with a high degree of anticipation to both of the books on Rose and Neely Kate, so I really do want them to move… Read more »

Never apologize for valuing your process. You don’t give us crap to read, which is why you’re the best.


Good for you to have solved your problem without compromising the quality of the book. People, I think, would rather wait to read a good book than a quick put together garbage. I have read some books, not yours, and thought did they even bother with the subject or editing and been total disappointed with the purchase.


hell in a hand basket has arrived on google play yippee, however release is may 18th, my pre=order is done. thank you Denise you have given me hours of reading rapture

Quality before deadlines. I think your books are definitely worth waiting for. It’s much better to switch the release date and then deliver another excellent book that comes up to the same level as all of your others than to release a book that you know won’t please your readers …but makes the deadline. Your authorship reputation has been built on the quality of your books. I, for one, prefer reading your books to any other author’s because of their tremendous realism and twist/turns in the story line. To create anything less just to make a deadline would be wrong,… Read more »

Please take the time that you need. I am such an addicted fan! I read Rose’s books over and over. I still cry every time over Rose and Joe. I love the Neely Kate books as well. Just please don’t end their adventures. Thank you!

Dee LoneHill

A great man told me “If you are going to do something, do it right”. Of course that great man is my husband of 33 years. =)


I can’t say I’m not disappointed. That being said, my disappointment is in the fact that I can’t read the book yet; not in the fact that you have chosen to make sure you are doing your best to put out quality material. So, I will take my disappointment and set it aside while I read the rest of the books you are putting out while I await In High Cotton. BTW, I love the new Curse Keepers books just as much as I do Rose and Neely Kate’s books.


I’m glad that you are a quality writer and do things right even if it means not being able to meet a previous deadline.. Shows you care about the character you write about. Classy…. :)

Karen Carney

Thank you for the update! No worries on the release dates. I’m so excited to read any of your books! They will be worth the wait!

Becky Blue

I trust Denise to make the best decision in this. I’m fine with it.

Annie B.

I love your books so much….I don’t mind waiting for a good story!


No problem. It Just builds the suspense. Take as long as you need to make the book as great as all the other ones.

Linda Spindle

I think that a lot of people, myself included are more appreciative than you think about the care you put into your story lines. I’m always chomping at the bit, eagerly waiting for the next new book. They never disappoint. Although I do disappoint myself by devouring them so fast, because I have to wait that much longer for the next book LOL

Diana Staab

Life happens. Apparently whether or not you are real or a fictional character in a book. Love your books, Denise. Always following your ‘gut’ is good . . even gutsy.

Michelle Duhamel

Several times at that certain coffee seller we all love to hate , I have had to wait , sometimes quite a while, for my choice of coffee to be brewed. Did I mind? Not in the slightest. To be able to have the coffee I want and to have it as fresh as wel? That is a no brainer. I feel the same way about your books.
I don’t mind waiting for the best/!

Adjoa Abedi-Boafo

Thanks Denise I love you and I CANNOT WAITTTTT for these books honestly it’s one of the highlights of my year GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!


Same as everyone else – I’d rather wait and read a good book. But quick question, does this mean that the story of In High Cotton will come after the story in Hell In A Handbasket now (chronologically speaking)?