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Curse Keepers #4

YES! There will be a Curse Keepers book #4! And also a #5 and #6. I'm getting some feedback that readers feel deceived by the "trilogy" label on the Curse Keeper series, when the series isn't ending. I never intended the series to be a trilogy. I planned on writing least six books in the Curse Keeper series, possibly more. [...]


  Only four more days until the release of THE CURSE DEFIERS! I have a special surprise for YOU! I've gotten permission to post the first chapter so you can get a sneak peek! Preorder you copy NOW and have it delivered right to your Kindle! | Amazon US    |  Amazon UK   |  Amazon AU   |  Amazon [...]

Curse Keepers Manteo Reader Weekend

The weekend of June 12-14, 2015 I will be hosting my first ever reader weekend in Manteo, North Carolina. Why Manteo? It's the setting for my Curse Keeper series.     Manteo, North Carolina is on Roanoke Island and is a relatively small town. When you write about city, you can gloss over places, but in a town of 1200, it's [...]

Meet-Ups with Denise! Meet Me in YOUR City!

[caption id="attachment_3504" align="alignleft" width="225"] Meet-up in Rogers, Arkansas August, 2014[/caption] In 2015, instead of going to author events, I've decided to start creating "meet and greet" sessions. Once a month or every other month, I'll travel to one or two locations and meet readers in an informal setting, giving us a chance to sit around and chat. You can ask [...]

Authors After Dark Book Request Form

I will be attending Authors After Dark in August, but with VERY LIMITED participation. I will be at the signing on Saturday, August 9, but due to the small tablespace provided, I will only bring a limited number of copies of After Math, Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, and The Curse Keepers. If you KNOW you want a book--especially one [...]