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March 2014 Newsletter Poll

The March poll consists of two polls. Authors Recommending Books When your favorite authors recommend a book, how likely are you to buy it? After you vote, post your email address below in the comments. After April 8, we’ll pick a random commenter to win a $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card. Winner will be announced in the April, 2014 [...]

Street Team Invitations are open

Awhile back we started a street team.  It has been such a positive experience for Denise and me.  All of these really great readers joined us and have been supporting and promoting Denise for the past seven months.  Our Street team name is Team Swank.  We offer members incentives such as coffee mugs, Amazon gift cards, t-shirts, and other swag [...]

After Math Recommendation Contest

 There's a contest going on for After Math. If you go here, you'll see the rules. Basically, it's spread the word about After Math and have a chance at winning some prizes. But there's a second part to the contest, one I came up with while writing up the rules for the main contest. I called this second one a [...]

Signed Copies of After Math

I have about 15 copies of After Math left from the Boston Author Event. I"ve had several requests for autographed copies so I've decided to give you the option of getting a copy. The book is $9.99 and the postage is $3.00.  Just fill out the PayPal box below. Autograph to:

AFTER MATH is Live and Giveaway!

AFTER MATH is live!!! Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo I'm super excited! This is a new genre for me, but I've been reading is since late last summer. Trisha and Heather got tired of hearing me say "I think I want to write a contemporary romance." And finally told me to shut up and do it. If you want to [...]