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The Otherside Series has a Film Option Agreement!

I may be in Paris, but things keep happening in the US while I'm gone! After months and months of negotiation, I'm so excited to announce that The Otherside Series, my young adult science fiction romance series, has a film rights agreement! Lyrical Moon Productions has obtained the film option rights to HERE and THERE!!! They tell me that the [...]

Atlanta Signing!

ATLANTA BOOK SIGNING EVENT As if Panera wasn't awesome enough all on its own, add New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Denise Grover Swank, author of REDESIGNED, Kay Bratt, author of THE SCAVENGER'S DAUGHTERS, and Larissa Reinhart, author of  STILL LIFE IN BRUNSWICK STEW, to the mix! Spend a couple of hours with the ladies, discussing books, life, and [...]

The Curse Keepers Has a Cover!

It's no secret that I'm a cover addict. Sometimes I think I write books just so I can get new covers. When I signed The Curse Keepers with 47North, I worried about my covers. Since I'm a self-published author, I've had total control over my covers. But my editor, David Pomerico, assured me I'd have plenty of control. And I [...]

Redesigned Release in Three Days and After Math on Sale!

To celebrate the release of Resigned in three days,  After Math is on sale for $0.99!  You can read After Math now and get Redesigned on Monday  when it's released!

The Power of Teachers. And Everyone Else.

My Facebook friend, Marjorie, posted a link to her blog. I confess, I don't read her blog much-- although I LOVE stalking following her many adventures with her children, several of whom are internationally adopted. But the title lured me in: To my 10th grade biology teacher I'm a sucker for teacher inspiration stories. In fact, I told my own [...]