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100K and a Winner!

I did it!!!

(Thank you to Cynthia Moyer for posting this on my Facebook wall last night!)

I kept hitting refresh, refresh, refresh until the book of ONE SALE put me exactly at 100,000.

It seems so appropriate which book put me there.

The title of this book sums up the last three years. And this book was the hardest book I’ve ever written.

Thank you to every single person who bought my books and READ my books! Your love of my stories and the fact you tell your friends about them is what got me here today.  I NEVER EVER forget that.  Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.

Which is why I’m having a GIVEAWAY!!!!

I said I’d giveaway some prizes when I hit 100K and it’s time to announce the winners!  I LOVED reading your comments, telling me which book was your favorite. And I love that some of you had a hard time picking.  Good thing no one’s asking me or I’d have to give my standard answer: I love them all and picking one favorite would be like asking which child of mine is my favorite.  (Although I have to confess, I LOVE Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons and can’t wait to release it!)

But enough of that! You want to know who won!

The winners:

#25: Ashelynn

#43 Regina

#55 Lindy Dierks

Thank you to those who entered and thank you to everyone who reads my books! I love you guys!

And watch for another HUGE giveaway starting June 15th! 

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9 years ago

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Michelle Grey
9 years ago

Yay for you! And your lucky readers!! Congrats, Denise!!

9 years ago

Congratulations on making 100K!! And, congratulations to the winners!


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